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Gas vs. Electric Stoves: Which is really more efficient

Cooking for your loved ones is an act of love; it is love made visible. It is true that no one is born a great cook, it takes time, patience, good recipes and most importantly, good kitchen appliances to obtain cooking skills. The stove is probably one of the most used kitchen tools as almost every meal is prepared on it. So, if you are having doubts whether to choose a gas cooktop or an electric one for your kitchen, we offer you their main advantages and disadvantages.

Gas Cooktops



  • One of the biggest advantages of a gas cooktops is the instant, constant flame without having to wait for the stove to warm up and cool down after cooking.
  • The flames of a natural gas stove cook food quickly and more evenly as they spread along the sides and the bottom of the cookware.
  • The dials of the stove make it easy to adjust the flow of gas that goes into the burner, which controls the intensity and the the size of the flame. It is very simple, once you turn off the dial, the flame stops.
  • To obtain the ultimate contemporary look, while maintaining power and functionality, some manufacturers put glass-ceramic on top of gas stoves. This allows for a more polished look and a lower burner profile.
  • The smooth glass-ceramic base makes the gas cooktop easier to clean and maintain.
  • The best part is that you can cook and prepare meals for your family even if by some misfortune you have no electricity in your home.


  • Setting up a gas stove can be pretty expensive. However, this is still a smart investment, as cooking with a gas cooktop will significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Electric Stove



  • Today many electric stoves have a sleek, glass cooktop which significantly improves their style.
  • The glass cooktop is easy to clean without having to remove a burner ring.
  • Electric stoves are less expensive to buy and install than gas stoves.


  • Electric stoves cook food more slowly than gas stoves.
  • Their glass top stains easily which negatively affects the look and the style of the stove.
  • In cases of a power outage, you will not be able to cook.

Since the cooktop is an essential part of the kitchen which you are likely to use every day, make a wise decision. Consider how often you will cook and what features are important to you. By purchasing an electric stove you may save money in the start, but the greater energy efficiency of the gas stove will surely save you a small fortune in the long run.