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Forklift Truck Battery – Regenerating Vs. Buying A New One

The electrical forklifts are generally powered by batteries. These battery-powered forklifts are extremely efficient and offer many advantages over the internal combustion forklifts. They are versatile, eco-friendly, and quiet machines which can perform light and heavy-duty applications. The electrical forklift truck models that use batteries are great cost-effective solution for operators involved in warehousing. However, the standard charging and discharging procedure usually ends up with more sulfates built up on the fork blades, which means that the charging procedure is not 100% efficient.


During the charging process, small sulfates remain unconverted. As a result, the forklift truck battery will not be fully recharged because of the sulfates presence. With time, the battery will become inefficient. This makes the charger to read higher voltage and resistance. Therefore, the charger switch will turn off before the battery is fully charged (with maximum capacity). This is the main reason why the operators are complaining that the battery doesn’t last as supposed. Today, instead of replacing the battery, owners learn how to remove the sulfates from the fork blades in order to increase the service life of the forklift truck and its battery.

You are probably wondering which is a better option, to regenerate or to buy a new forklift truck battery? To find out the answer to this question, there are few factors that need to be considered:

  • The weight that needs to be lifted
  • How long the forklift truck is going to be used?
  • Are the operators prepared to ensure regular forklift truck maintenance?
  • How long the operators expect the battery to last before replacement?

In terms of costs, regenerating a forklift truck battery will save you significant amount of money. If you are looking to achieve higher money savings, you should definitely consider regenerating. On the other hand, if you want to invest in battery that will last longer, then consider buying a new one. Another popular option is buying used regenerated forklift truck battery, which is also a cost-efficient alternative.