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Flir C2 or Flir E4: Which One’s the Thermal Imaging Keeper?

In the past several years, we’ve slowly shifted from using analog test devices to using more sophisticated, modern, multipurpose digital ones. And this holds true for most test devices available on today’s market, which includes thermal imaging cameras, also known as infrared cameras. Infrared cameras or thermal imaging cameras are a measurement and test device that’s used for measuring temperatures from a safer, longer distance. They’re used in many different industries including the electrical, food and manufacturing industry.

As their name implies, thermal cameras are used to check and help regulate the temperature of electrical devices by monitoring their radiant heating, electrical circuits and pipes, so that they can determine potential infiltration and leaks. Regardless whether you work in the electrical, manufacturing or food industry, a thermal camera is a must have.

There are hundreds of thermal cameras on the market, and they all have different features, advantages, and disadvantages. In this article, I’ll compare the FLIR C2 camera and the FLIR E4 camera. These two are considered intermediate range cameras and can be used in many industrial and commercial settings to test equipment. Let’s take a look at all their unique features.

FLIR C2 Camera


A groundbreaking imaging camera which is compact enough to fit into a pocket, but retains all the features of an intermediate level thermal camera. It’s similar in size to a smartphone, and it is designed for inspectors and contractors.

  • 4.800 pixel 80×60 Infrared Resolution
  • 100mK (0.1° Celsius) Thermal Sensitivity
  • 41°x31° Wide Angle Field of View
  • MSX Technology which allows for enhanced thermal images
  • 3″ Touch screen with 320×240 resolution
  • Various Colour Pallettes (Rainbow, Iron, Grey, Rainbow HC)
  • A Built-in Digital Camera with 640×480 resolution
  • Battery Run Time – 2 hours / 1.5 recharge time
  • 9Hz image frequency
  • Accuracy of 2% or +/-2°
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Object Temperature Range of -10° to +150°C

FLIR E4 Thermal Camera


This point and shoot camera has features which are intended to make the user’s job straightforward and easy. Its built-in visual camera allows both a standard image and an infrared thermal image to be saved at the same time. Its rugged housing and the 10-year detector warranty make it an excellent choice for almost everyone.

  • 4.800 pixel 80×60 Infrared resolution
  • 150mK (0.15°Celsius) Thermal Sensitivity
  • MSX Technology which allows for enhanced thermal images
  • Bright Colour Display with improved menu navigation
  • Built-in Visual Camera
  • User-selectable colour palettes
  • FLIR Tools image analysis and comprehensive reporting software
  • Approximately 500 sets of images storage capacity on integrated memory
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Rugged housing (drop tested up to 2 metres)