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Fire Starting Survival Products – Lighters Vs. Matches


Staying warm during long and cold nights in the Australian outback as well as having a good light source near you is one of the most important things when it comes to surviving in the wild. Of course, today you have all kinds of flashlights and small portable heaters, but what happens when your batteries die or you run out of power? Well, you rely on the good old source for heat and illumination – fire!

Since there may be cases when fire will be your last resort, you need to know how to start it at all times and in all cases. However, finding the most reliable option for starting a fire will depend on a couple of factors. Choosing between a lighter and a box of matches is a matter of personal choice but it’s important that you know all the facts before you go with either one of them.


If you decide to use a lighter, there aren’t any special storage requirements for it. These types of survival products are durable enough to be just thrown in the bag and be used whenever you need them to start a fire. They can also be used in a pitch-black environment to provide a source of light when time is of the essence. With a lighter, you can also multitask as you don’t need to use both hands to operate it. A lighter is going to serve you much more than a box of matches and you won’t be limited to just a small number of tries when it comes to starting a fire.

Of course, lighters also have some disadvantages – they are temperature dependent and can discharge when not used for a while. For the latter issue, outdoor enthusiasts often wrap something on the top of the lighter to prevent it from being pressed easily or they buy one with a safety tab. If it’s really cold outside, the fuel inside the light won’t go through, however, that can be solved by warming up the lighter in your hands or under your armpit. Be careful not to break your lighter because if only part of it is missing – it will be useless.


Maybe matches won’t provide you with as much use as a lighter will, but they are the more affordable option and they are easier to replace than lighters. And while there is a range of waterproof matches that you can buy, not all of them are created equal. When shopping, pay special attention to this feature as you need these survival products to be able to start a fire even in the most extreme conditions. Since matches don’t have an array of different parts, using them is pretty simple and straightforward. Remember, although they are more versatile than lighters and you can use them on almost any surface, using them on a wet terrain won’t do the trick.