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Find the Perfect Look for Your Crew: Regular White vs Designer Aprons

Designer Aprons

For hospitality crews, an apron is like а Superman’s cape. You put it on and you’re ready to show the world your power and capabilities. No smart chef, bartender, or baker would be caught without this signature piece of clothing. Without a doubt, the humble apron serves a great purpose – it protects the person who wears it from spills, crumbs and other stains during cooking or serving. However, the apron’s design can affect both the employee wearing it as well as the guests. Therefore, there’s one dilemma on many business owners’ minds – should they play it safe with the classic, white look, or opt for the more modern, designer aprons for their crew?

The Rise of Designer Aprons

With the rise of culinary coolness, there’s also a rise in stylish designer aprons. Today, more and more restaurants try to make a show by displaying the prowess of their chefs right in front of guests in the form of an open kitchen. While most of the attention is usually directed at the art of food preparation, you can notice that there’s an art in the aprons as well. No longer are we seeing the generic white, cotton designs. More and more hospitality businesses choose to invest in a more contemporary look for their crews, replacing the humble apron with a variety of designer aprons.

And this happens for some very good reasons too. For one, designer aprons can showcase your corporate identity and promote the uniqueness of your brand. Custom made designer aprons allow you to stand out from the crowd of boring apron designs. Whether it’s with interesting embellishments or having your logo featured, designer aprons can help you establish a unique presence. You also get to choose from a variety of unconventional materials such as denim for example. With denim clothing being very in these past couple of years, dressing your crew in custom made denim aprons will make them look fashionable and fresh.

designer aprons

The Good Ol’ White Aprons

White is associated with cleanliness, and cleanliness is certainly something you’d want guests to associate with your business. Since nothing looks fresher than bright white, plenty of hospitality crews are dressed in regular white aprons. However, another characteristic of white is that it stains easier than darker coloured clothing. Since they are often bleached clean to remove stains, white aprons tend to wear off more quickly. Darker colours will still show stains, however they’re more easy to get out. Concerning looks, white aprons are old-fashioned uniforms that do not bring a lot in terms of style. Your crew will definitely lack the spunky personality custom aprons have.

Designer aprons