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Fashion Over 50: What to Wear vs. What to Avoid

Many women think that they will stop looking good after a certain age. However, the way we dress is what mostly affects our outward appearance – not our grown tummies and hips. In fact, clothes that don’t properly fit your mature body are what you need to be afraid of.

When you’re over a certain age, certain clothing items simply don’t look as good on you as they used to. Just like your lifestyle and taste has evolved over the years, the same should go for your wardrobe as well. So, don’t become stuck on the things you wore in the past and feel free to move on to more graceful and elegant fashion that flatters middle-aged bodies. By knowing what to wear and what to avoid, you can stay stylish, beautiful and confident no matter your age.


Don’t Wear Tops That Are Too Revealing

It has nothing to do with being a prude, but avoiding ladies tops that show too much decolletage, shoulders or upper arms can be a good idea. The skin around the neck, chest and arm areas can be prone to sagging, so you might feel self-conscious about revealing these areas. That being said, tank-tops, spaghetti strap shirts and cold shoulder tops are out of the question.

Do Wear Flowing Tops

Instead of revealing tops, you should opt for more flattering ladies tops that have a looser cut and sleeves. The best tops for women with rounded shoulders are those that have raglan, dolman or kimono sleeves. In addition to giving your upper arms more definition, these types of sleeves also draw attention away from other areas of your body like your hips or tummy. And if you want to add some coverage to your hip area – tunics are a great option.

But don’t think that loose and flowing should necessarily look frumpy. You can always find sleeved and flowing tops with asymmetrical cuts or a stylish pattern that can bump up your style.


Do Wear Neutral Colours

As we get older, our tolerance levels decrease. So, by the time you’re 50-plus, you’ve probably grown tired of struggling to find matching pieces to create an outfit and will throw on anything just to avoid this inconvenience. So, there might be a few times that you go out wearing colours and patterns that don’t mix well together.

To avoid making this fashion blunder, it’s a good idea to have neutral colours as the basis for your wardrobe. Neutral colours like black, brown, grey, white, khaki and similar tones are easy to match with just about anything. Plus, you can get away wearing the same item more often. While people will remember a bright red blazer, they same cannot be said for a subdued black one.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Accessories

But wearing a palette of neutral clothes doesn’t mean that your overall style should be boring. There are always accessories to spice up your outfits. Little, unexpected flourishes of colour or pattern are the secret ingredient to a stylish outfit. So, don’t be afraid to accessorize with bold items. Think colourful, oversized scarfs, dangling, tasseled earrings or strappy, red sandals. Plus, accessories may be a safer way to experiment with things that you used to avoid in your youth. For instance, if a leopard print dress would normally give you chills, you may find that pairing a leopard print clutch with a black tailored suit adds a big dose of elegance and sophistication.


Don’t Wear the Wrong Skirt

Of course, mini skirts are not a good idea when you’re over 50. However, even knee-length skirts might not be appropriate if they’re the wrong cut. Since most women over 50 are self-conscious about their hips, it’s not a good idea to wear pencil skirts. Additionally, these skirts can be clingy and uncomfortable to move in. On the other hand, more airy cuts are not only more flattering but also feel much better. Think bell-skirts or A-line skirts.

Do Wear Jeans

You may think that jeans are unacceptable past a certain age. While that may be true for ripped and acid washed jeans, it’s not the case with all designs. In fact, middle-aged women can look stylish and more youthful in the right pair of jeans. Jeans that are flattering for women over 50 tend to have a darker wash and a straight-leg shape. Besides being slimming and more tasteful, these designs can also be paired with a greater variety of ladies tops, which makes it easier to match your clothes and create a balanced look. Additionally, try to look for high-rise or mid-rise jeans as they can make your legs look longer.

Don’t Wear Anything That Doesn’t Feel Like You

While all of the aforementioned tips may be good for helping you develop an age-appropriate style, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should stick to them like your life depended on that. Wearing something that deep down you don’t really like or feel like it’s not right for you can impact your mood and confidence. So, the bottom line is, if you don’t feel 100% yourself in a certain outfit, don’t wear it.