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Essential vs Non-Essential Colorado 4WD Accessories

One of the best things about living in Australia is the opportunity to explore all its wonders with a 4WD like the Holden Colorado. A 4WD system is what enables a vehicle to use all four wheels when driving. The majority of vehicles today only use two wheels to move the car – the other two (typically rear wheels) are, so to speak, dragged along. A 4WD system makes your vehicle more powerful since it can get over obstacles and through mud with ease. This is why a large number of 4WD are used for off-roading. The traction provided by these vehicles allows for better control on varying terrains that off-roading puts you through. If you’re a proud owner of a vehicle like Holden’s Colorado or Rodeo, then you might want to consider bringing some Holden accessories on your next off-roading trip.

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Must-Have 4WD Accessories

Bonnet Protector

One of the first, if not the first accessory you should consider equipping your Colorado with is a bonnet guard or protector. This acrylic cover is one of those Holden Colorado 7 aftermarket accessories that can do a lot more than you think. While it only covers the front end of the bonnet, a bonnet guard helps save your windshield from scratches and bug splatters. It also helps with fuel consumption since the shape of a bonnet protector makes your Holden more aerodynamic.

Diff Breather

If crossing deep waters or areas with a lot of water around you should definitely install a diff breather. A differential breather is simply a hose that you attach to your differential and connect to a higher point, usually the engine bay. Why? To keep the differential protected from water. Water can get into it as the differential sits low and it can cause all sorts of problems that can cost you more than a diff breather. This way the differential gets in cooler, cleaner air which makes your Colorado’s engine run better too.


Another form of front body protection that will keep your Colorado safer from other things than just stone chips and dead bugs is a bullbar. Not to be confused with grille guards, bullbars are meant to keep the front components, such as the radiator and engine, safe from road hazards like trees, rocks, animal strikes and anything else that can damage the front of your Colorado. If you happen to cross areas that are prone to animal strikes then a bullbar is the accessory that you should install first. Keep in mind that bullbars that are heavy can actually make your Colorado use more fuel than usual, so try to balance protection and weight when choosing the ideal bullbar.

Roof Rack

If storage is an issue for you, and you typically don’t have enough space for you and your friends to go on an adventure and bring all the essential equipment you need, you should consider installing a roof rack. A roof rack can be anything from two long pieces of metal to a basket that goes on the roof of your Holden. These Holden Colorado 7 aftermarket accessories will free up space in your 4WD while adding more storage space for gear.


If you want to enjoy the breeze and coolness that comes from driving at higher speeds, but don’t want rain and dust going into the interior of your Colorado, weathershields should be your top priority. These Holden accessories are typically acrylic and are installed either in the channel of your window or stick right above it with the help of adhesive tape. With a weathershield or rain guard, you can open up a window just enough to let cool air in but no rain.

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Recovery Kit

An off-roading adventure isn’t a real off-roading adventure without getting bogged down. While it can be frustrating, it can be quite the experience, especially if you’re well-prepared and bring along a recovery kit. This is a kit with all the necessary equipment to pull you out of a hole or muddy puddle. These kits usually come with a snatch strap, tow strap, hitch receiver, rated ow shackles, shovel, snatch block and tree trunk protector.


Keeping water away from the internal of your Holden is a vital part of keeping it operational. Just like the diff breather, a snorkel is used to keep water from entering the engine air intake. This intake is found on the front side of your Holden and it can be detrimental if water enters it. While there is no hose in this instance, there is a plastic funnel that looks just like a swim snorkel providing the engine with cooler and cleaner air. A snorkel is simply a diff breather for the engine. If you like driving through extremely deep waters, then a snorkel is a must whilst a diff breather an inevitable upgrade.