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Ergonomic Computer Mice: Give Your Tired Wrist a Break

Most people spend a considerable amount of their time on computers. That means you spend a lot of your time using the keyboard and mouse. Nevertheless, while using these components for extended periods of time you might start to feel some wrist pain which is probably due to the fact that your mouse and keyboard are not big enough, or are not a good fit for your hand. In other words, they’re not ergonomic. This pain you feel in your wrist might not be strong, but you still need to address the issue. Let’s discuss what you need to look for when you buy your next ergonomic computer mice.Ergonomic Computer Mice

Comfort is the number one priority. By having custom made designs, features and buttons, an ergonomic mouse is made to fulfill your needs. There are many variations of ergonomic computer mice, so you shouldn’t have a difficult time choosing one for yourself. You’ll have the option to decide whether you want it to be wired or wireless which depends on your personal preference.

Hand size is also something that you can choose. Are you left-handed? No problem, there are plenty of mice that are specifically designed for left-handed people. You can also pick from multiple sizes to fit your needs. Mice come in 3 sizes: small (15cm or less), medium (15cm-18cm) and large (18cm and more).

Types of mice

There are three types of ergonomic computer mice you can find on the market. Each style offers specific benefits and limitations. Depending on your personal preference and requirements, the benefits you are looking to get from the mouse are going to be the deciding factor in your selection.

  • Standard – This type resembles the style and body of a traditional mouse. It has the option to be both wired or wireless, depending on the manufacturer and model an optical or laser tracking is used to recognize and transfer the cursor on the monitor.
  • Trackball – This type is made to keep the user’s hand in a resting position. With a ball into the body of the peripheral, it doesn’t use the standard laser or optical input on the bottom of the device. The user uses his finger to move the ball and the movements are transferred to the computer.
  • Joystick – This type adds a whole different level of functionality when it comes to ergonomic mice. Using a physical joystick, the user can move the screen cursor. Button placement is adjusted to benefit the new additions of the design.

To conclude, ergonomic mice are used to provide the users with various benefits and convenient features. Some are specially designed to minimize the necessary movements to move the cursor, others are designed for people who dislike the standard mice. Before purchasing, consider all the aforementioned things that you need to keep in mind, and once you purchase it, make sure to take care of it as to avoid reducing the product’s lifespan.





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