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Emergency System Tips: Mechanical vs Electronic Sirens

There are numerous reasons why replacing your old emergency sound system is a good idea, but for many, embracing change is hard unless they understand why those changes are needed. When faced with a life-or-death situation, minutes, and even seconds can be the difference maker in the outcome of the situation. That being said, being up to date with the newest and most advanced emergency systems is crucial. Implementing a new warning system provides the enormous benefit of quicker response time that can save lives.


However, installing a completely new emergency system can be a huge investment, logistically and financially. In the past, motor-driven (mechanical) sirens were the norm, but that’s quickly changing due to the fact that they require a consistent electric power supply to operate properly, and consume a lot of energy. On the other hand, there is a variety of electronic sirens for sale that use batteries which are constantly recharged and use very little energy. In other words, motor-driven sirens rely on a backup power source during power failures, which happen frequently in emergency situations. That being said, installing a backup power source just so that you can use your old, motor-driven alarm system is a much more expensive investment.

Then, sirens that feature an electric motor are capable of producing emergency signals in all directions equally, while also offering broadcasting capabilities. This makes the variety of electronic sirens for sale the better emergency alarm solution. Additionally, you can incorporate live-voice streaming, pre-recorded announcements, alarms, and more. Mechanical sirens aren’t capable of connecting with smart devices. In fact, they aren’t even capable of communicating between themselves. On the other hand, electronic sirens are considered smart devices themselves.

There are many benefits to keeping up with the trends, not just when it comes to sirens and alarm systems, but most technological things in general. You’ll quickly find out that being technologically up-to-date can save you time, facilitate your work, and most importantly in this case – save lives. However, it’s understandable that keeping up with technological trends can be difficult due to the rapid advancements. That being said, it’s important to tailor a full-on emergency plan when installing a new emergency system, so that you don’t have to perform adjustments every few months. Some of the things you should consider before installing an emergency system are your budget and the size of the facility. Once you’ve taken these two things into account, buying sirens and an emergency system will be much easier.