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Egyptian Cotton vs Bamboo Sheets: Let’s See Which One Wins

As a very light sleeper, a comfortable sleeping environment has always been super important for me. That is why I never hesitate when it comes to investing in quality bed linen. And as I used to believe for years, this meant spending a small fortune on Egyptian cotton sheets. However, as of lately, I discovered a new, more affordable alternative that is as exquisite as Egyptian cotton. And that is bamboo! Let’s see how both fabrics compare and what I’ve learnt from my own experience and research.



When it comes to choosing sheets, we’re usually most concerned about how comfortable they are. Well, it’s no secret that Egyptian cotton has high thread counts which results in a softer feel. But what about bamboo? Judging by my own bamboo sheet set queen sized purchase which has a 300 thread count in twill (equivalent to 1000 cotton thread count), the material feels luxuriously smooth and soft. But besides softness, another benefit of bamboo that Egyptian cotton doesn’t offer is thermal regulation which is great for your comfort as it allows you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


As we spend a third of our day in bed, our sheets could be affecting our health in ways we might not be aware of. For one, the chemicals and toxins most fabrics are treated with can trigger skin allergies and even asthma and breathing problems. Unfortunately, cotton is a crop that’s grown using pesticides, and the same goes for Egyptian cotton as well. And when processed into fibres, much of the chemicals are retained. On the other hand, bamboo is grown using no pesticides at all due to being naturally resistant to pests and fungi. As a result, bamboo fabric is free from any irritants and naturally hypo-allergenic, making it the healthiest alternative for people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies and other health problems. In fact, this is the main reason I decided to invest in a bamboo sheet set queen sized for me and cot sized for my baby.


As you’re spending your hard-earned money, it’s only normal that you’d want to get the most out of your sheets. While it’s true that Egyptian cotton can last a long time, its downside is that it can pill due to too much washing. And considering how sheets need to be washed and changed at least once a week, Egyptian cotton can lose its appeal quite quickly. On the other hand, bamboo is a very strong material, even when processed into fibres. It’s a lot more resistant to frequent washing and doesn’t pill nor fade easily, which means you can enjoy it with all its softness and beauty for years to come.