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Eco-Friendly Vs Plastic Items: The Better Option for Food Businesses

Knowing how big the food, beverage and fresh produce industry is in Australia, specifically $111 billion, it’s not surprising many dream of opening up their own food places, no matter how small.

What’s important to remember, however, is the fact it takes a great deal of decision-making to be able to succeed in the business. First of all, you have to make the right choices in terms of location, equipment investment, quality ingredients, menu to stand out from the competition, as well as adopt the solid marketing strategy and food packaging.

The last two can be merged, so it’s more of a cost-efficient solution but if you want to impress customers, then you should invest in eco-friendly packaging, cutlery and plates in the likes of natural palm leaf plates as the biodegradable and compostable option.

natural palm leaf plates

You can take it from there to slowly replace plastic continuing with buying eco-friendly boxes, cups, food containers, napkins, bags and straws.

Now why not go for plastic when choosing to go for something disposable? We’re literally living in plastic age, and as of late, plastic has been debated greatly.

This is due to the knowledge how much damage it causes to the environment ending up on landfills taking up decades to decompose, then polluting the soil and air, as well as ruining our well-being so even if there aren’t bans as of yet, you shouldn’t wait to make the change for the better.

Just think of the plastic plates and cutlery that most food businesses use; besides being full of toxins, they create too much waste, and are costlier to produce in the first place. Sure, some plastic products can be recycled but who’s to say the products you use would really be recycled, right?

This isn’t the case with natural palm leaf plates and the items alike, since they are natural, meaning there are no chemicals used in the production process, and are sustainable to begin with, being made of fallen leaves, so there’s no harm to the environment. Who could resist biodegradable anyway? The variety of choices available in specialised stores are as chic as can be and they wouldn’t harm your wallet either – the perfect investment.

Gone are the days when plastic was the only durable option; nowadays the eco-friendly alternative is lightweight and still strong. You could get the attention of customers advertising your business as eco-friendly and feeling good you’re not harming them or Mother Nature.


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