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Doughnut Dog Beds: The Best Choice for Your Pooch

Every dog deserves love, enough food, toys and a comfortable bed. Sure, your dog will love to snuggle up in your bed and cuddle with you whenever it can, but it’s a good idea if the dog actually sleeps on its own. Dogs just like people like their private time and having a place where they can relax and chill after a long walk or playing with you can certainly be beneficial for their wellbeing.

The dog bed market offers numerous shapes, sizes and materials. And out of all the shapes available, doughnut dog beds are perhaps the most popular choice, especially for those dogs who love to sleep curled up in a ball. These beds are designed to be soft, calming and keep the animal warm, and the fluffy texture only makes the lounging and sleeping even more pleasant. These beds are so cozy, that cats too can’t resist them as well (if you own a cat, get them one too, so you can be sure there won’t be fights over who sleeps in the fluffy bed). Here’s what you need to know about these dog beds.

Why Do Doughnut Beds Have a Calming Effect on Dogs? 


Dogs love to have a place where they can snuggle and rest. And if you get your pet a comfy donut dog bed they will be even happier. Donut dog beds are an especially great choice for smaller dogs and puppies. When the dog sleeps curled up like a doughnut (takes the shape of the bed) their body temperature increases, thus helping them relax and fall asleep much easier. The shape of the bed supports their body from every side, and they can get back support while they rest their head.

This type of dog bed can be especially beneficial if you’re trying to teach your dog to stay at home on its own. Separation anxiety is real, so instead of your dog spending hours barking or chewing furniture or shoes, you should provide it with a soothing place where they can take a nap, lounge or play with their favourite toy. The soft material on the inside and outside will have a soothing effect on the pooch. 

Which Dogs Will Benefit from This Bed? 


And while such a bed is a warm little nest where your dog can enjoy their private time and sleep, not all dogs will benefit from this shape. If you have an older dog, they might have trouble getting out of the bed (especially if they are suffering from arthritis). So, a doughnut dog bed is ideal for younger dogs and smaller breeds like Maltese, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Beagle and other tiny balls of fur. 

Washable in the Machine

dog in silver calming cuddler
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Dogs love to play outside and get dirty. On top of that, they will shed hair so their bed will have to get washed frequently. Some dog beds aren’t suitable for machine washing and that can be quite annoying having to hand wash them each time. However, doughnut dog beds are soft and can easily fold and be placed in the washing machine. This way you can keep your furry friend’s bed clean and get rid of the nasty odours.

What to Consider Before Buying?

Before you purchase a donut dog bed, make sure to do some checks and measures. First of all measure your dog’s size. Although cuddler dog beds are round and can easily welcome smaller breeds, be sure to get a model that is a bit bigger than your dog so the animal can accommodate various positions when it sleeps. Measure your dog from its nose to the end of its tail. Check how your dog sleeps. If the dog loves to curl in a ball and places right next to you, or into a couch or an armchair, a cuddler bed will benefit it more than you can imagine.


The material must be double-checked; if your dog is a chewer, then you should get a bed that is made of fabrics that won’t be easily torn down. It’s important to get a dog bed that is made of safe materials. Dogs can easily get irritated from odd scents, and if the bed was made of unsafe materials, the dog might develop a rash, may lose its fur, have breathing issues or eye problems. Seek a doughnut bed that is filled with non-toxic pet-safe materials. Your dog’s bed shouldn’t contain flame retardants or formaldehyde.

Your dog’s comfort should be your first priority. If you plan to use the bed outside, then the bed should have soft layers and a covering made of warm material that will keep the dog’s body temperature pleasant when they lie down to sleep. If the bed is meant for indoor, then it can have lighter materials. Indoor dog beds should not be too heavy, since you will probably move that bed around the house or even place it on an elevated surface (chair or platform) so the dog can remain warm even in winter.

Also, your dog’s age should be considered since older dogs might not be able to get out of the round cuddler bed that easily.  


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