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Doll House – Wooden vs. Plastic

A dolls house is a classic toy that has brought joy to so many children over many, many years. Doll houses are not what they once were though, some are poorly made and can be made out of toxic materials so you really need to know what to buy. The most popular choices these days are either plastic dolls house or wooden dolls house, so how do you know what to buy? Well, below we will be going over both the pros and cons of both choices hopefully making your decision a little bit easier. If you want to know more about doll houses keep reading below.

Let’s start with the classic wooden dolls house, these have no doubt been around for a very long time. Many of us can remember playing with our own wooden dolls houses that have left many great childhood memories. So let’s start with why wooden dolls houses are great. First of all, they are much sturdier and made well. They are also made from wood which as we know is a natural material making it really safe for kids to play with. Wooden dolls house is really something special, of course, you can get plain one, but investing in a really nice piece can become an heirloom passed down for generations. Not to mention the craftsmanship is something that parents can appreciate. The only thing that may be considered a con is that they are pricier than plastic doll houses, simply because more effort goes into making the doll house and the accessories.

Wooden Dolls House

Plastic doll houses on the other have their own pros and cons. They are cheap meaning if you are on a budget this is probably your best choice. You can also find them almost everywhere so your location or access to stores shouldn’t be a problem. They also come with a lot more choice for the accessories as they are mass produced. Take note however that they are not that sturdy and they won’t last as long because they can be scratched and damaged quite easily. It also depends on where the doll house has been made as some plastics are toxic and in most places these toxic plastics are banned, but not all over the world so it’s very important to know what plastic the doll house is made out of.

Plastic Dolls House

Doll houses can be educational experiences regardless of which material you choose. Imaginary play is something that children’s intellectual and social skills need to grow. It gives children a chance to observe and use the world around them, it also helps them explore their dialogue and express their emotions freely. A quick note on safety is to make sure that children should not be left unsupervised when playing with small objects that can be choking hazards. If you are someone who is looking to buy a doll house there is a great variety to choose from online, and it’s a lot easier to find something you like. A doll house can really be a great investment when it comes to giving your kid something fun and educational to do.