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Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar – Which One Is Better

There is no doubt that the relationship between a dog and its owner is a special one, based upon unconditional love, commitment and harmony. As a responsible dog owner, you should offer your pet the most out of opportunities for quality and happy life, don’t you agree?

And you can easily give your dog everything it needs, thanks to the array of pet supplies and products you can find on the market. From quality nutrient-rich food to clothes, toys, beds and bowls, dog owners can be spoilt for choice when it comes to selection. But, we should not forget to mention the two of the most important accessories a dog owner must possess – a dog harness or a dog collar.

Dog Harness

Since forever, the dog collar has been considered the traditional accessory pet owners use to take their dogs for a walk. But, after harnesses have been introduced on the market, it seems like they have completely overshadowed the conventional dog collars. And no wonder why since there are many benefits of using a dog harness.

First of all, dog harnesses make the perfect choice for badly-behaved dogs that do not stop pulling when they are out for a walk, which makes the walk a completely unpleasant experience for the owner. By using a harness, you will not only prevent the tiring pulling, but you can also teach your naughty dog to walk properly. Moreover, if you have more dogs, you can finally take all of them for a walk together at once, as dog harnesses will give you a complete control.

Another great advantage of using a dog harness is safety. Hence, if you have a dog that tends to jump on people, thanks to this accessory, you can ensure safe dog-walking, as the harness will help you stop your dog from jumping and at the same time protect him from choking in case he does jump on somebody.

Dog Collar

Dog harnesses are awesome for puppies and small-sized dogs that are likely to tangle or hurt themselves when pulling on a dog leash or traditional dog collar. Furthermore, dog owners who have pug(s) are highly recommended to get dog harness, since using a dog collar puts their pug(s) at risk of eyeball-protruding, due to high pressure around the dog’s neck.

Last but not least, although a dog harness has an easy-on-and-off snap buckle, a dog cannot snap it off, which is not the case with traditional dog collars. Go for the safer option – buy a dog harness!


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