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Dog Crate Materials Compared: Wood vs. Wire vs. Plastic

Though cats are known to be mysterious creatures that love to have their alone time, hiding in secret places around the home, dogs too have their moments when they’d rather stay in their own company. Dog parents are familiar with this, and part of making them feel at home is ensuring they have their own space they can go to whenever they’re in need of some rest and relaxation.

When it comes to this, there’s often a discussion whether it’s better to provide them with the needed comfort by getting them a crate or a bed. Some find the crate to be rather scary, and mostly serving as the means for training or punishment, but they fail to notice the potential it can have for offering that den-like experience for the dog. It’s also easy to increase the comfort by throwing in a dog bed inside the crate.

Love them or hate them, one thing is certain about dog crates: they can be highly beneficial for your dogs! Considering the vast array of designs available on the market, it’s advisable to shop for the ideal one based on the material as it’s an aspect crucial for durability, style, ease of use, and maintenance.

dog inside his wooden crate


Wooden Crates

If you’re looking for that classy design that’s easily going to become part of your interior décor, you may want to get an ultra-stylish hardwood dog crate. When looking for that permanent confining solution, such material is the finest you’ll get because it’s able to withstand whatever your dog puts it through as wood is highly durable and able to go through wear and tear without breakage.

Furthermore, you’d love how decorative wood is, and how considerable its décor role would turn to be, given that it’s a material that gives off a warm and inviting vibe and combines well with both fabric and leather furniture pieces. Perfect for creating a homey ambience for you and your beloved pet.

You’d be surprised to know there are some designs that consist of removable timber frames and collapsible wire crates that make travel and moving with or without the help of movers hassle-free experiences. The bonus from buying such wooden dog crates? You can repurpose the frame as a coffee table or a plant stand in your abode! I’m sure you’d agree this sounds like money well spent!

wire crate for dogs


Wire Crates

The reason many opt for these crates primarily is they’re really affordable and can be handy when it comes to training as there’s an open-air construction which provides a great deal of visibility that makes some dogs feel more comfortable than when they’re placed in the plastic alternative. This is particularly the case with canines that often feel alone, and end up whining and crying.

What you’d also love about them is their construction is suitable to fit within a frame of a hardwood dog crate, so you can make your own combo. Again, due to this construction, there’s an additional advantage which is useful for travel too and that is unobstructed airflow. No matter whether used at home, on the road or up in the air, your dog will be able to breathe easily in one of these.

This is perfect especially for bigger breeds with long coats that live in hotter climates. With other breeds, however, such as the smaller ones with short hair and those that are hairless, it can be a drawback as it doesn’t help them retain the needed heat. Worse if they live in places with colder climates.

Another drawback is they can be somewhat heavy, but what you may find them great at is the fact they make for low maintenance. Even if your Fido is prone to pee accidents, you’d be able to clean them up in no time, unlike the plastic crates.

dog inside his plastic crate


Plastic Crates

If you like to go on many adventures with your four-legged friend, then you’re going to love these. Thanks to their lightweight properties and design, it’s really easy to pick them up and carry them with you on your journeys so that’s one of the main advantages to them.

They’re also very affordable which is another reason why many dog owners pick them as their primary choices. Still, when compared with the timber dog crate, they’re not exactly ideal for the home setting as they wouldn’t blend in that well with the furnishings.

All things considered, there’s an extra advantage to the plastic design if you care about insulation for the colder days of the year, especially if you’ve got a puppy or a smaller dog. Due to the enclosed space, plastic crates allow for easy body heat retention.

Now, when it comes to maintenance, they’re going to give you some trouble as they retain the odour and you’d end up with more cleaning than with the other two alternatives.


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