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Direct Mail Marketing vs. Internet Marketing


In today’s turbulent economy with prices soaring you’re probably looking for the most optimal solution for your marketing strategy. You need to reach your targeted market but should you go with internet marketing or execute your campaign through direct mail marketing. You’re probably wondering if direct marketing is even worth the expense with today’s rising postal rates? That depends on your business. If you believe that you can reach your marketing goals with a website then do it. But note, direct mail marketing can be more beneficial for a business than internet marketing can.

Cost – Both internet and direct marketing can be equally expensive. Many believe that internet is the cheapest solution but they are forgetting one thing – good professional web services are expensive. Maybe even more costly than direct marketing where you have greater flexibility. For example, if you are on a tight budget, you can use simple post cards which are cheap to mail compared to flyers, brochures and product samples. Or you can advertise your business through various coupon books – it is more likely that people will order your products if they have discount coupons.

Reach More PeopleDirect mail marketing allows you to reach more people since, regardless of how hi-tech we are, not everyone owns computer or has access to internet. Furthermore, internet marketing is not a guarantee that people will visit your website or even find your business online.

Target Specific Group – If you are interested in a specific group of people or region, with direct marketing you can do just that. With a reliable mailing list you can reach people whom you believe will be interested in your products or services. For example, you can target only senior citizens, or maybe women only; or maybe your products are more appropriate for a specific region, age or household income level.

Mail Is More Personal – Direct mail marketing is more personal. People react to what they can see and touch, thus it is more likely that greater percentage of your targeted audience will actually read about your business and products and services your offer. In addition, recent surveys show that people prefer receiving mail rather than emails.

So, should you execute your marketing campaign through direct mail marketing? Yes, you should. It is a flexible, dependable and affordable solution. However, do not take my words for granted. Make sure you do a thorough research on this subject, consider all possible financial risks and potential gains before sending out your direct mail articles.