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Different Types of Surveying Equipment: Old Vs. New

Our predecessors have used many different types of surveying equipment to determine the land boundaries. Today, we also use different surveying equipment for the same purpose, only modern surveying equipment differ a lot from the old ones. The main purpose of surveying equipment is to help a surveyor correctly measure the boundaries of certain area. Each measure is being measured by a specific type of surveying equipment and surveyors depend on their surveying equipment, which needs to be qualitative, accurate and easy to use. There are many similarities between the old and new surveying equipment for sale, but there are many differences.

Old Surveying Equipment

Surveying is an old profession, science or technique that originates nearly 3,000 years ago from ancient Egypt. In those times, the surveying equipment included a compass, chains, a theodolite and similar old tools. Old surveyors used the compass for determining the direction of a surveying line and chains for measuring the distance between the two or more surveying points. But as the technology improved, so did the surveying tools as well. The measuring wheels for example, were now able to measure longer distances in shorter period of time. They were either mechanical or electrical.

Surveyors have soon started to use planimeters, theodolites, automatic levels and other improved equipment. A planimeter was used to measure an asymmetrical land area, because it eliminated the need for manual calculations or charts. Although these surveying tools have improved a lot and have been replaced with various advanced technologies, many of them are still used today by some surveyors.


New Surveying Equipment

The huge development in technology in the recent decade provided the surveying industry with very accurate surveying equipment for sale on the market today. The global position system (GPS) changed the surveying completely, as it not only made surveying faster, it improved the accuracy significantly as well. The GPS uses accurate data from satellite systems directly on a computer screen. On the market today, there are many different types of GPS models available.

Surveying Equipment

Another improved piece of surveying equipment is the theodolite, which today is known as total station. In fact, it is still a theodolite, but now with an electronic distance measurement device (EDMD). The total station is the key factors that changed the surveying field drastically, shifting the whole surveying technology from mechanical to digital electronic devices. Not only for measuring distance, the total station can also be used for leveling in a horizontal plane.

There are many new surveying tools in the market today, such as DISTANZO, DT-SMART and many others. When choosing a particular surveying tool you should consider the type of application and the required accuracy. Also, have in mind that most surveying equipment provides a wide range of surveying options, and not only one which was the case with older versions.