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Decorative Mirrors: Wooden vs. Metal vs. Stainless Steel Frame

Mirrors are one of the few decorative home pieces that can add interest to the entire home while being able to instantly make the room appear larger. Regardless of their size, type, and style, decorative mirrors can jazz up any room of yours. Being used as decorative pieces, mirrors can add texture and colour to a room, helping them become the focal point in it.

Depending on their placement, mirrors can also be used to reflect natural light and brighten the room which can be quite beneficial for rooms that lack natural light. Regardless of the style, material, and finish, decorative wall mirrors can easily complement the style and décor of any room.

Choosing the Ideal Frame

round wall mirror
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When it comes to choosing a mirror for your home it would be better if you first consider their frame since this is what makes this decorative piece appropriate for your home or not. The choice of frames is huge, so only by taking all of them into account, you’ll be able to make the right choice.


Wooden decorative mirrors are light in weight, practical, functional, and easy to maintain. The type of wood used for this purpose is different, as well as its colour and finish. Aside from the wood’s natural colour, you can also choose from the many mirrors with a darker brown frame. And for those who are in love with the more modern and contemporary home décor, you can choose between black, anthracite, ivory, and any other wooden colour.

Regardless of the colour you choose wooden frames can add instant warmth and texture to your home. They’re durable and long-lasting solutions that can literally last a lifetime. When in the search for the right wooden frame, make sure to opt for one that’s made from solid wood in order to reap the benefits.


When compared to wood, metal frames have a smoother finish and can come in different colours and finishes. These frames can be made from a variety of materials like aluminium, brass, or even iron blended with another alloy, so the type you choose should mainly depend on your personal preference. Out of all types of materials, aluminium is considered the lightest option, which makes it the ideal option speaking from a safety point of view.

All of these metals can come in different designs, colours, and finishes which allows you to pick just the right model for your needs. One thing is certain, regardless of the type of metal you choose, you should look for a frame that has been coated with a protective coat and finish. Otherwise, you risk dealing with a frame that’ll rust after a short period of time. This goes especially for the metal frame of mirrors installed in bathrooms and any humid areas in the home.

Stainless Steel

Even though stainless steel is a metal, it really deserves a special place since it’s one of the most durable, safe, appealing, stylish, and long-lasting types of metal for the purpose. This type of frame is one of the simplest and most elegant of them all, and it’s said that it offers utmost mirror protection as well. The material itself is rust-resistant which isn’t the case with some other types of metals. Just like aluminium, stainless steel is lightweight which makes it pretty easy to install. Additionally, while most of the other metals will tarnish over time, this isn’t the case with stainless steel. So, with a frame like this, you can have peace of mind that your mirror will retain its iconic look for a long period of time.

How to Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Bigger?

living room with decorative mirror
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Opt for a Larger Mirror

Interior designers say that the bigger the glass, the more light it’ll reflect. This will instantly create the illusion of having a larger room which is the goal. In case you want to break up the dullness in your home, instead of one larger piece, you can add several ones next to another. This will add interest to your room while not skipping on the initial goal – to make a room look larger. The shape of this decorative piece is entirely up to you, although the rectangular and oval ones are mainly used for the purpose.

Choose Round Shape for Entryways

Entryways, especially the smaller ones would greatly appreciate the use of round mirrors. These mirrors have the ability to add charm and warmth to entryways, especially if placed over an appealing console table that’s adorned with some decorative pieces. In case you don’t like the idea of adding one larger round mirror, you can add 2- 3 different-sized round ones and still achieve the goal to make the entryway more open and light.

The Slimmer the Frame the Better

While frames can certainly add style and appeal to your room, they can still limit the view and make the room look its actual size and not larger. If you have an interest in making it look larger, make sure to pick a mirror with an extremely thin and slim frame, almost non-existent.