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Custom vs manufacturer car seat covers


Car seat covers are among the most interesting car accessories that car owners have the freedom to play with. But besides their decorative role, car seat covers are primarily used as protection gear for your car. For that cause, almost all car models produced today include car seat covers with airbag safety. This has led to lower fatal accidents and smaller injuries in heavy car crashes. Only when proven to be safe car owners have the luxury to customize their car or truck seat covers the way they like. But such car seat customization is not available at manufacturing facilities as it is in most independent auto shops. That raises a question many car owners ask themselves: Is it a good idea to invest in customized car seat covers or leave your car’s interior as is? We’ll give you an insight on both alternatives hoping it will make your decision easier.

Custom seat covers can be a great addition to the look of your car as they come in many different versions. Today many auto shops offer numerous seat covers made out of lambswool, leather, neoprene, sheepskin, etc. All these different materials that have their pros and cons. Some of them are more comfortable, some are more water resistant, and some are best suited only for winter. Hence, spending money on car seat covers can be more than just making your car fancier. They add to the overall comfort – especially if you drive long distances every day.


However, custom seat covers come at a higher cost, depending on material or texture you choose. Also, the process of customization can be more complex and that can add more dollars to your final bill. For instance, new car models that have car seat covers with airbag safety are a little trickier to be clothed with new materials. Some models even have warranties which don’t allow any car seat modification.

Although not so good looking, manufacturer car seat covers can be even better than custom ones if they are made of quality materials. But recently, car manufacturers are being less focused on seat covers in the mission to cut costs and sell models at lower prices. So, they are producing vehicles with ”decent” car or truck seat covers and put greater efforts in perfecting other more important elements of the car like the engine and wheel alignment. It is worth mentioning that some brands do offer a minor customization of car seat covers, which usually involves a choice between cotton or leather seat covers.