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Cubby House VS. Kitchen Play


Many of the games which involve imaginary roll play, such as being a master chief in the kitchen or a lone ranger who explores, are still very popular among young children. There are many toy sets that allow imaginative play like cubby house play and wooden play kitchens sets, which are ideal for hours of educative entertainment and lots of fun. Despite all the modern entertainment gadgets, computers and video games, role play will never lose its appeal. The cubby houses and wooden play kitchen sets are not only sources for fun, but also play an important role in child’s development.

Small and compact, the cubby houses are very popular among young children because they they give them own space where they can turn the imaginary world of princesses and heroes into a reality. Either indoor or outdoor, the cubby house play sets have many benefits. They allow more quality play time and are better option than sitting home and watching television. More fresh air and sunshine is always better than playing video games. Also cubby houses play sets, serve as a small fortresses where kids can store many different items like toys, books, tea sets or some dress up clothes.

Parents love them because they are safe, durable and boost the development of physical and mental skills in children. The cubby houses stimulate kids imagination through a pretended play and also sparks their creativity. By actively participating in various cubby house play activities, kids better master communication, social, problem solving and motor skills. Buying or making a cubby house is an investment in your child’s well-being and proper development.

The kitchen play sets also have advantages and benefits. One major benefit is the social interaction and communication. Kids are engaged in conversation with other children or parents and express how they understand the world around them. In addition, they learn the importance of nutritious food and family meals. Health and food is very important for every parent. A pretended role play with kitchen play sets will facilitate different conversations between the parents and their children about the importance of the balanced diet. This will help children develop positive attitude towards healthy food.

Also, children who play with wooden play kitchens are more active as this type of play requires moving around, bending, standing and other activities which help in the development of the motor skills. Kitchen play sets engage kids in many different cooking scenarios in which they have to invent many interesting meals. This way kids improve problem solving and reasoning skills. Whether a cubby house play or a small kitchen play set, parents who focus on proper development should invest in such toys as they help children develop skills which will later help them in life.


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