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CPAP Nasal Mask Vs. Full Face Mask


Whether you are just starting your CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) treatment or are a long term CPAP patient, choosing the proper CPAP mask is crucial in order to achieve better results. Fortunately, nowadays with the help of the advanced technology there is a wide range of CPAP masks and accessories available on the Australian market that can really help reduce sleep apnea symptoms. However, before you select a CPAP mask, you need to consult your doctor about the given therapy and the type of mask you should use.

One of the most common used CPAP masks are the CPAP nasal mask and the CPAP full face mask.

CPAP nasal mask covers only the nose, while the full face mask covers the nose and the mouth. The air leak and air pressure can significantly vary between these two types of CPAP masks which is why it is important to select the one that will best suit you.

Nasal Mask

CPAP nasal mask is a CPAP device that is placed over the nose while sleeping and is held by a headgear or straps, placed around the head. They can be customized, so you can easily find a nasal CPAP mask according to your face line. The benefits of using nasal CPAP mask are many:

  • helps prevent high blood pressure;
  • reduces heart failure symptoms;
  • reduces sleep apnea symptoms;
  • improves the quality of lifestyle.

However, if you are used to breathing through the mouth when sleeping, it is better to use a full face mask, which covers both nose and mouth.

Full Face Mask

If you are using a CPAP nasal mask and have troubles tolerating the air pressure in the nose, try using a full face mask. All types of full face masks allow the air to spread evenly leading to a “less air” sensation even if the amount of air pressure is the same as when using a nasal CPAP mask. The benefits of full face mask are the same as in a nasal mask. You just need to find out which one is better for you.

Both full face mask and CPAP nasal mask deliver the same amount of air pressure if adjusted properly. The most important thing for you as a CPAP patient, is to find the best CPAP mask for your condition to ensure great results. Therefore, find an online reliable Australian supplier, which offers the highest quality CPAP devices and accessories in order to achieve better results in shorter period of time.



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