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Conventional vs. Alternative Medicine

Today’s medicine, as we know it, relies mostly on drug treatments. Almost all countries that have good health system, use this same drug-healing pattern as doctors prescribe various pills to their patients in order to reduce the symptoms of certain illness or disease. However, we are witnesses to the growing number of organizations and movements that are gathering forces against global drug-dependent health system claiming that behind it all there are large corporate money-launderers that fight for bigger revenue and choose any means to fulfill their cause. Recently, it has been rumored that profit-oriented drug companies even create new illnesses on purpose, so that they can release drugs that cure those diseases. In such conditions, alternative medicine is something that is starting to grab people’s attention with its totally opposite and natural approach. Just how competitive these two different fields of medicine are, we will describe in the following paragraphs and leave it to you to decide which one seems better.


Conventional medicine, as we said, focuses more on a disease rather than the health of a patient. In other words, all the drugs made today can be used by most people, regardless of their body and blood type, genetic code and other characteristics. What is even more frightening, people have become so indifferent to this, and they almost never consider the side effects of drugs or if they can harm them in any way. Hence, this is exactly why many people have died as a result of a wrongly prescribed pills by their doctors, who find it easier to provide common treatments rather than conduct a thorough research of patient’s condition. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook how much success modern medicine has achieved in some cases like sleep apnea, curing several types of cancer, skin treatments and other diseases. Click here to view sleep apnea treatment products that had been a major advancement in curing this extreme snoring condition.

Alternative medicine is totally opposite and strives to break the one-for-all drug philosophy, preaching that every human has a unique body that is a result of nature, thus every disease is a dis-balance between nature and our body. As a term, alternative medicine is more broader and diverse in the variety of treatments it covers, as it can arrive from different cultures from the world. These treatments are not included in medical school literature because they don not use a scientific method of diagnosing and treating certain illness. Alternative medicine uses different techniques like acupuncture (healing with needles and natural oils), naturopathy, homeopathy and other. Patient feedback has been different, however majority have said that it has helped them improve mental as well as physical state. But because these alternative medicine experts don’t use medical reports and statistics, we can never be quite sure what is their success rate.


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