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Container Gardening: Self-Watering vs. Concrete Planters

modern pots and planters

The aesthetic appeal plants can add to a space has never been questioned. Even those who don’t prefer them as much would love to have at least one plant in their home or office to add a little bit of life to it. However, the role of plants goes far beyond looks…

According to an extensive research done by NASA, houseplants are good for our health as they can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. Interesting, right? Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise since we know that just as we breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, plants do exactly the opposite – they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Well, these are just some of the many benefits of having plants in your home or office, and now more than ever it is pretty easy to look after plants indoors. When it comes to how exactly you’ll be taking care of your plants, there are two popular options: self watering and concrete planters.

modern pots and planters

Since today we are all leading extremely busy lifestyles, we are constantly looking for something that will simplify the everyday tasks. When it comes to looking after plants, the modern pots and planters with their revolutionary design have made it possible for the most busy, forgetful and lazy of us to be able to have thriving plants. How so? They feature an integrated built-in reservoir stores water (that can be enough for 10 days) and once it is out of it, the indicator lets you know it is time to refill it.

The iconic, modern, and simple design can match any type of indoor style and their durable construction, the UV and corrosion resistant materials make these minimalist planters suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage. Ideal for so many types of plants, herbs, fruits and veggies, the self-watering planters make container gardening a lot simpler.

Over the past few years, concrete pots have become very popular. It’s true that they’re bulky and heavy, however, however, these days they are available in different sizes, you can even create your own modern-looking concrete planter in any size and shape you want. Generally speaking, concrete is a good insulator, so these planters can suit climates with severe changes in weather, however, there are some disadvantages that can affect your plants, the bad way.

Concrete is a porous material that can increase the alkalinity of the soil and is high in lime as well, which can be toxic for your plants. In addition, unlike the sturdy plastic of the modern pots and planters, concrete pots are easily breakable, thus you need to be really careful when moving them around the house.