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Comparing Latest Wallpaper Trends: Instantly Freshen Up Your Interior

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your interior décor you should go for a fresh new wall. It can change the entire look of your home space and set the perfect base for further renovation, while it’s also ok to do it as a single remodelling move.

As one of the main ways to give your walls a fancy finish, wallpaper is a durable and cost-effective solution. Compared to wall paint, wallpaper is much easier to install. Moreover, it hides wall imperfections well and comes in various colours, textures and patterns, enhancing its ability to turn any space in your home into whatever you want. If you lack ideas, don’t worry: we got you! Here are the latest wallpaper trends to instantly freshen up your interior.

Hottest Wallpaper Trends


Any room can feel lush and exotic with the addition of palm fronds, bamboo, flamingo birds and other tropical patterns. Jungle and tropical design wallpaper can help you create stylish walls throughout the house, letting nature inside. No matter the size of your room or the design dominating your home interior, these wallpapers can thrive. They feel classy, strong, and welcoming.

tropical design wallpaper
Source: asianpaints.com

But how do you use tropical wallpaper? Here are some ideas:

  • Make a powerful first impression. A tropical design wallpaper pattern on the entryway walls can be a lovely way to greet and impress your visitors. The look can take on a pleasing British Colonial appearance if combined with wood furniture, white accents, and cane or wicker textures.
  • Create an accent wall for your living room. The magnificent banana leaves have evolved into one of the most recognisable tropical wallpapers and an enduring representation of Hollywood glitz. Combined with a starburst mirror in the middle and used as a sofa backdrop, the large leaves will sparkle without being overwhelming.
  • Cover every wall of a tiny area. Overwhelming doesn’t have to be a bad thing every time. If you have a small room, consider transforming it into a lush jungle by covering all the walls. Complete with modern amenities for a contemporary look.
  • Draw attention to beautiful wood. Tropical leaves go well with the deep colour and lovely graining of African mahogany. Woven baskets can also add to the variety of textures.
  • Mix and match colours. Although the colour green dominates the tropical wallpaper range, tropical doesn’t always mean green or greenery. If you don’t like it, you can still incorporate tropical extravaganza using bamboo wallpaper in various colours such as sky blue, beige and navy. For a more textured look, consider the faux bamboo-style wallpaper.

Brick Look

In a home’s interior, exposed brick walls are a thing of beauty. They can give any space depth, personality, and rustic charm. However, not everyone can chip off the plaster to see if the wall would look better without it.

That’s where faux brick wallpaper comes into play to help you revamp the appearance of any room in the house, including the bedroom.

brick wallpaper accent wall in bedroom
Source: walmart.ca

Brick wallpaper appears to be gaining popularity all the time. It provides the fresh textures, hues, and patterns everyone needs for a more modern take on industrial design. Using brick wallpaper, you can bring the outside and create a sleek home look.

When it comes to brick-like wallpaper, these are some of the most popular options:

  • Red bricks. When we hear the term “brick look,” we immediately picture a traditional red brick façade. What goes well with this style? Brick walls in shades of red and orange are the best choice for an industrial loft style. They make the ideal foundation for furnishing an expansive industrial lounge with bare wood and metal pieces.
  • Amsterdam black bricks. Stunningly realistic wallpaper of black bricks with barely any distinguishing features makes it impossible to spot the repetition. It is ideal for larger spaces. No other brick can create the same mood as a black brick wall with furniture in bold colours like red or green.
  • Lime-washed bricks. You like the idea of brick wallpaper but are concerned that it will make your room too dark. For you, the best substitute for red and industrial-looking bricks is white.
  • Decorative wooden panels. These are the best option for achieving a cosy, warm appearance. The natural wood colours are perfect for rustic raw, while the minimalistic tiles can blend into every look, including Scandinavian.
  • Stonewall mural. Choose this mural if you prefer stones to bricks or wood for a complete home transformation.

Colour Therapy

When it comes to wallpaper trends, using colour therapy to create a specific mood is a mainstay.

peacock blue wallpaper
Source: aliexpress.com

Different colours have various connotations. The colour pink is trending lately: it symbolises unrequited love, affection, and nurturing. It conjures images of female softness, romance, and intimacy from the combination of red and white. To create a dramatic look, use pink wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in both plain and pattern options. You may even decide to add more texture to heighten the drama.

The colour blue is another hot trend. It represents both the sky and water, adding depth linked to attributes like peace and purity. And combined with warmer and more energetic colours, blue inspires confidence and serenity. However, you must learn which colours work well with blue without overpowering or depressing it. Wallpaper in one of the many blue hues can transform a room into a tranquil, dreamlike setting.