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Comfort vs. Style: How to Pick the Perfect Women’s Shoes for Travelling

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When it comes to packing for a trip, shoes are perhaps the most annoying item on the list. Heavy and bulky, shoes can make it hard to stay within your baggage limits. But things get even more complicated when you only have room for a single pair to take with you. One of the biggest problems is finding shoes for travelling that are comfortable enough for running up and down stairs and cobblestone all day long, and stylish enough to wear to a restaurant afterwards. With that being said, here are some great tips on how you can get the best of both worlds.

Tips for Comfort

When travelling, it’s guaranteed that you’ll walk a lot each day. Even standing in museums can be painful for your feet and knees unless you have the right shoes on. Considering this, comfort is more important than fashion when it comes to shoes for travelling. So, make sure that your shoes have quality foam insoles and thick but flexible outsoles that can give your feet the necessary support and cushioning. A good option is the Vionic range which has a podiatrist-designed orthotic sole system, making walking and standing a lot more comfortable.

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Then there’s breathability to think about as well. After all, it’s likely that you won’t take off your shoes until late in the evening. Lightweight materials such as mesh or canvas are perfect for allowing your feet to breathe and remain fresh. What’s more, these soft materials can also mould around the foot, making it less likely for the skin to chafe and for blisters or sores to appear. However, even the most comfortable shoes can feel tight and uncomfortable for the first couple of days, so make sure to properly break your shoes in before the trip.

Tips for Style

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When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes for travelling that can match all kinds of outfits both casual and formal, keep in mind two things – colour and simplicity. If your shoes aren’t exactly formal, then you want them to be the least noticeable as possible. That being said, darker colours such as black, brown or charcoal can match pretty much everything and won’t stick out. What’s more, simple, slip-on designs that cover the toes are comfortable to wear all day long and look decent enough for dressier events or places. Considering this, styles such as loafers or espadrilles might be what you want to focus your search on.