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Change Tables: A Complete Buying Guide

Preparing the nursery for your new family member is an excitement on its own – all that planning, searching for the perfectly matching pieces and combinations of colours that would be most appealing to your soon-lovey-to-be. is one of the greatest joys before actually having the baby. Well, honestly it is tiring and time-consuming as well. The shopping list of furniture pieces and equipment you’d need to get is pretty long – from finding the perfect crib and change table, to choosing the colour of your walls and similar details. In this article I decided to help you a bit in terms of one of the crucial pieces of every nursery room – the change table.

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There are various styles and types available, especially online where you can find cheap change tables with an amazing quality and many advanced features. However, there are few things you should consider before buying a change table for your little one. First it should have a good storage space and of course be safe enough. Furthermore, it should be suitable for the size of the nursery and it should also go well with the rest of the furniture and décor. Many options are available on the offline and online market, from basic to modern styles of change tables. Here are the two most popular ones.

Dresser/table combo

This is a very practical design which has many benefits. There are many cheap change tables in this style that are both very convenient and an efficient option for the nursery. The dresser/table combo offers many benefits and comes in many different types. It is specifically designed to provide a comfortable changing station and it offers a great storage space. The design incorporates a fully removable change table with an elegant and sophisticated dresser. A waterproof change pad is usually included with the change table top as well. The chest of drawers is perfect not just for storing changing supplies but also for your baby’s clothes. There are many designs that combine drawers and shelves as well which makes organizing much easier than with the classic change table.

Standard design

This is the basic type of change table – it is similar to a cart and it provides a comfortable changing space. Its height is just above the waist so you do not need to bend while changing your baby. The shelves under the changing area can act as a storage space for all the changing supplies such as diapers, wipes, creams, etc. The cheapest versions of the standard design do not include doors or cupboards for the shelves, which could actually be very convenient providing you an easy access to all supplies.

Whatever style you choose, there are a few important things to take into consideration. The change table should have advanced safety features. For that reason, look for a model that incorporates safety straps and has stable, sturdy legs. Moreover, it should be the right height for you to make changing your little one more comfortable.