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Caravanning Made Easy: RV Power Adapter Vs. Mains Power

Many people miss the joy of spending the weekend on a fun road adventure in a caravan because they simply don’t feel like leaving the comforts of their homes, with constant water supply and electricity being the major ones. Why exhaust yourself saving electricity on light or hot water because you’d eventually run out of it, when you can simply stay at home and free your mind of such thoughts?

But thanks to electric technology, this kind of thinking is no longer an excuse to stay home and do nothing. Nowadays, caravanning is a lot easier and enjoyable as there are many options for a power supply available. So, on a paid camping site, you may or may not be able to get to the mains power source. In any case, would you look to hook up to the source or you would choose an RV power adapter? Here’s a short elaboration on both options.


Powering through an adapter

Maybe you won’t be able to reach the mains power source or for whatever reason you’ll be in a situation where you need to find an alternative power source to get your electrical appliances running. A convenient option that doesn’t tie you to the mains source is the RV power adapter. This is basically a built-in 6 stage smart charger that maintains your batteries through conditioning them and prolonging their life. With a RV power adapter in your caravan, you can power all appliances that need a 12V power source to run, and you don’t need to worry about safety issues, as the adapter has a keyed battery isolator designed for maximum security and protection. The power adapter works perfectly as a battery to your entire 12V system, and thus provides electricity to appliances such as the water heater, the furnace and even the refrigerator. The RV’s lights in the living space, as well as the carbon monoxide detector and the water pumps, are also powered by this system. So this basically means that as long as you have a battery to support the system, your most basic electrical appliances would have no problem functioning properly.

Powering through mains electricity

Mains electricity is a general purpose alternating-current electric power supply. It’s well known that as a part of the organization of a paid camp site, campers also have access to the mains power source. However, the mains power source can only serve as much campers. Maybe you won’t be able to reach it frequently and use it constantly. Moreover, maybe you won’t even need it that much as this current generally powers appliances such as a dishwasher or a washing machine. The only reason why you’d bother to get to a mains power source is to charge your caravan batteries so they can serve you without problems. Plus, powering through the mains power source means you’re directly dependent on the general electricity line. If there is any problem with it, your power supply would be interrupted.

So in conclusion, while it’s a possibility to power your bigger and more complex appliances through the mains, it’s a far more convenient option to have an adapter and be able to run your 12V appliances anywhere and at all times.