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Camping vs. Pop Up Tent: The Better Shelter for a Grand Outdoor Adventure

You really haven’t lived fully unless you’ve given camping a try; that’s something every Aussie is well aware of. Camping is the kind of experience that leaves you better than you were before, partly because you get back to the roots and learn how to depend on mother nature, and the other part because you learn things about yourself you didn’t know you were capable of, such as finding the way even after getting lost or setting up a campfire. However, if you want to make the most of this life-changing experience, you have to perfect the skills of preparation and shopping, primarily when it comes to the tent.Camping

There’s nothing that can quite ruin your stay outdoors, and make you wish to leave as soon as possible, as getting soaked wet because you didn’t provide the ideal shelter to keep you safe and warm from unpredictable weather conditions. Investing in a proper tent has to be your first preoccupation and pairing it with the adequate choice of pole tents for sale. Though you might be tempted to spend less, it doesn’t matter how much of an avid camper you are and how often you spend time hanging out with nature, you shouldn’t compromise quality just because something is cheap enough and seems to be a great deal. Buying quality means buying materials that are weatherproof and will give you the utmost protection as a home away from home should be, and this goes for the choices of pole tents for sale as well. If you want to have poles that are made for durability, go for aluminium ones.


Often, people are amazed by the self erect option of tents, better known as pop up tents. This is because we all want to spend more time in rest and relaxation instead of just dealing with tent business, exploring the surroundings and stretching out more, and knowing there’s the option of getting that settled out on its own makes it more than appealing enough. Even though these tents are also weatherproof and will keep you dry (as long as unpredictable storms don’t appear), they aren’t as weatherproof and stable as other camping tents thanks to their lightweight properties and usually they have specialised pieces that make for a more difficult repair; for instance, their fibreglass poles that are rather easy to break. The difference in materials also makes for lesser durability which equals to lesser tent longevity altogether. Do the math and choose wisely.


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