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A Diver’s Dilemma: Is It Better to Buy or Rent Diving Gear?

When was the last time you did something exciting? If you can’t answer to the question, then it’s been long enough and now is as good a time as any to consider some adventures. As an aficionado of the vastness of the ocean and always being in the need to explore more of its depths, I can say the thrill of it all is definitely worth a try. Getting in touch with nature unknown, seeing all of the inhabitants that most are not even the slightest bit familiar to us, make for an unforgettable experience and every time you dive in, it’s different, more so when you change your diving spot. So my advice would be to give diving a go if you haven’t already.


As a beginner in diving, everything will be new to you. At first you might be having second thoughts of whether you should actually try it or not, fearing the depth, but that’s easily solved once you get in water. The other thought troubling you is probably the gear. Whenever you’re on tours and trying out diving in groups, you get the basic diving gear, but then again is it the best option? The important thing is to get to know more of the equipment you’re needing, weigh in the pros and cons. If you’re serious about diving, then the answer is clear, start looking for freediving gear for sale.

Sure, it might seem as more of a purchase to do at the beginning, but when you do the math, it all adds up. Most instructors suggest owning at least the basic equipment such as fins, mask and even computer. The vast choices of freediving gear for sale give you the possibility of finding exactly the things you require, matching your taste and needs. Also, once you have the gear that’s your very own, you are confident enough in knowing it’s safely kept, customised just for you, and most of all cleaned. Though it’s not often, there are certain viruses that can be contracted from wearing rented gear not properly taken care of, hepatitis C for instance.

Rented gear on the other hand is the obvious option to go for when you want to make the most of diving and still keep your budget intact. Renting also rids you off extra weight which is especially a nuisance when you’re on the road, carrying the entire luggage. Then again, most of the time, the gear that’s offered for rent is unisex so you can’t expect to have a suit that’s comfortable or fits you perfectly. Make up your mind well before you actually decide to do the trip and dive in knowing you’ve made the right choice. Being happy about it can make a great difference.


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