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Bedwetting Solutions: TheraPEE Bedwetting Alarm vs. Brolly Sheet Bed Pad

Bedwetting is one of the most common concerns parents have once they ditch the diaper. Although bedwetting is considered normal until the age of 4 or 5, if it persists and is present even during this stage of life, it can lead to embarrassment. So, if your child is older than 5 and still can’t stay dry through the night, then you should consider consulting with a specialist. Generally speaking, the TheraPee (Stopee) bedwetting alarm and the Brolly sheet bed pads are among the most commonly used products for this problem.



TheraPee Bed Wetting Alarm

This revolutionary bedwetting solution is among the most successful types of bedwetting alarms. Suitable for children and teenagers between 4 and 18, this bedwetting solution comes from TheraPee by Dr Sagie and can produce outstanding results as it can be customised according to your child’s needs.

It consists of two parts – a control unit (the bedwetting alarm) and a sensor pad. The former is usually placed on a nightstand or chair near your child’s bed and is connected with a thin cable to the pad. The pad, on the other hand, is designed to be placed underneath the sheet which means that it won’t get in touch with your child’s body at all.

Once there is an accident (even if it’s one drop), the ultra-sensitive alarm will be activated, so you could be able to step in, wake up your kid and send them to the bathroom. By repeating this, you’ll work on your child’s reflex system and you’ll make a subconscious connection between the wetting incident, the alarm and the need of waking up in the night and going to the bathroom.

Although it might sound strange to some of you, practice shows that this bedwetting alarm is quite successful. In fact, its development is based on a thirty-year experiment with different bedwetting alarms. Throughout all of these years, the human factor was taken into account for optimal needs. The technology of this device is so advanced that now you can even control and adjust the needed sensitivity level and avoid false alarms due to sweat.

The alarm sound is pretty strong and it can wake up any deep sleeper, however, its volume can also be adjusted. You can also choose between ten different alarm sounds and choose the one that will best meet your taste. In case your child is curious, you can use the device’s special button and press it in order to lock all of the other buttons.

Bedwetting Solutions


Brolly Sheet Bed Pad

Easy to use, functional and comfortable, mattress sheets are one of the best inventions on the market. Whether they’re used for bed training or not, practice shows that having them on is great as it’ll keep the mattress spotless and protect it from spills and liquids. The best part of it all is that these sheets can also protect your child from allergies. Brolly sheets can also keep your child’s mattress clean and dry, especially when potty training your child. However, the best part is that they stay wet on the top, sending signals to your child that they’re wet. Although there are lots of pad sheets that will also keep your child dry, they aren’t as effective as Brolly sheets as they won’t alarm your child’s brain that something’s wrong. Instead, your child will feel dry without being alarmed to get up.

When compared to some other wetting sheets, these ones are made of 100% cotton, making a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Another great benefit of using these pads is that they are reusable which means that you can wash them and reuse them as many times as you want. They are also available in a range of sizes and numerous designs, making kids feel cool. Thanks to their wings, you’ll no longer have to deal with accidents that could happen by using mattress protectors without wings. Thanks to Brolly sheets all you’ll have to do is to place the sheet pad over the bed’s sheet, tuck in the wings and let your child sleep on it.

Bedwetting Solutions


Where Can I Buy a Bedwetting Alarm?

The easiest way to buy a bedwetting alarm and Brolly sheets is by finding a reliable supplier that sells children products coming from trusted and reputable brands. Both of these bed-wetting solutions are great and highly effective. For them to work their magic, you need to be consistent and not give up after a few tries. However, before making any decision, you should consult with your child’s pediatrician to determine whether your child needs a bed-wetting alarm or not. This is essential in order not to make a mistake and buy something that can only make things worse.