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Beauty Salon Treatments Myths vs. Facts

If you think that middle-school gossip is cruel and bad, how would you categorize the things you hear about beauty products and treatments. For example, hair extensions cause hair loss, lip balm will make you addictive, nail polishes strengthen nails, snake venom is like Botox, etc. These are just some of the common ones, but you’ve probably heard more similar stories in your beauty salon during your regular beauty salon treatments.

Is any of it true, is the question. To help you uncover the truth and keep your hair, nails, skin and entire body looking good and healthy, we have prepared a list of myths and facts about beauty products and beauty salon treatments.


  • Exfoliation Will Make Your Skin Sensitive”

    Truth: Proper exfoliation is the key to hydration. It can reduce the signs of premature aging and pigmentation. But if you overdo the use of exfoliating products, you may end up with sensitive skin. The best thing is to look for professional beauty salon treatments that suit your skin type.

  • Oily Skin Is Impossible To Get Dehydrated”

    Truth: Skin conditions vary on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. However, the belief that oily skin cannot get dehydrated is not true. Oily skin can definitely get dehydrated, even when the skin is producing too much oil. This can be caused from over exfoliation, harsh soaps, incorrect product use or change in humidity.

  • Beauty Salon Treatments Like Laser Procedures Can Make You Look 20 Years Younger”

    Truth: Today, there are many different types of lasers treatments that have different purposes. It is true that they can help you get a gorgeous looking skin, but they will certainly not make you look 20 years younger. It is all marketing which is why many people think that lasers can really do miracles and make you a completely new person.

  • Hair Dye Causes Cancer”

    Truth: Experts say that there is a very small risk of developing cancer from hair dye. Dyes used in the past may have contained some chemicals that can cause cancer in animal studies, but these chemicals are no longer used. Despite the fact that the risk is very low, try to reduce the exposure to hair dye chemicals.

  • You Can Get Infection From A Mani-Pedi”

    Truth: A professional mani-pedi can really cause nail infection. When it comes to pedicure, the biggest threat are callous razors, shaving off the dry skin on heels. The callous razors are illegal in many countries, since they can easily cut skin and cause bacterial infection.