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Bathroom Vanities: Freestanding Vs Built-In

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The bathroom is one of the most underappreciated rooms in the home decoratively speaking, especially when it comes to makeovers because most of us would just rather spend the money on the living room, kitchen, bedroom, entry or patio than giving the bathroom an uplift.

A makeover can be equally important aesthetically and functionally as in the case with the addition of bathroom consoles and vanities. Versatile pieces as they are, available in different sizes and materials, they’re ideal for hiding away unsightly plumbing and help keep things neat, something of essence especially in a small bathroom, though they’re available in the freestanding and built-in varieties so it’s advisable to think it through before choosing.

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First things first you have to make a distinction between a vanity and a cabinet because cabinets are those pieces without the sink as opposed to the bathroom consoles and vanities with sinks. Now in terms of the freestanding and built-in, if you’re going for the more elegant look instead of the utilitarian look of a bathroom then it’s best to stick to the freestanding.

On the plus side they’re affordable too and are great if you’re up for the open bathroom style. Also, you can find them in many styles and shapes so whatever your preference is you’re sure to end up customising your bathroom just the way you want it without having any imbalance.

Likewise, they happen to be the better option for small bathrooms and you won’t have trouble with the installation, you can place them yourself which isn’t the case with the built-in alternative that requires tools and getting your DIY mode on. Depending on the style though there are those that can take up more space and the result would be unutilised space.

The latter are a great option if you’re looking for vanities with best use of space including wall to wall with some styles as well as spaces that are odd in shape. Besides, they are the choice that won’t give you extra work when it comes to cleaning and this is something more of us look forward to.

What you may not like with them if you aren’t into DIY is the additional cost and time required to have them installed. Before you make up your mind between the two check which size best works for your space and how much storage storage you need apart from deciding on the style that would look best in your bathroom.