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Bathroom Basin vs. Sink: What’s the Difference?

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, the place where our days begin and end, from taking a morning shower to preparing for bed. So, whether you’re renovating an already existing bathroom or styling a new one, you know that it’s one of the most important and intimate spaces in the house. But when it comes to its design, it’s more than functionality that matter

Sometimes the way your bathroom is put together aesthetically can enhance the look of your home or help you create a unique space, depending on your preferences. Take the extensive range of basin bathroom renovation stores offer, or the variety of sinks, as examples – they can instantly tie the room together and provide it with a five-star vibe.

Your choice of the bathroom vanity can make a big difference with the design of the room, yet the two aforementioned elements matter in this respect too. But, wait! A sink or a basin? The words bathroom sink and basin are often used interchangeably, however there are some small differences that can help you tell them apart. Here’s what you need to know before making your decision.

Bathroom Basin vs. Sink


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Defined as a bowl that can hold water, it’s also referred to as sit-on bowl, washbasin, hand and vessel basin. You can use it to wash your face and/or hands in it. Since it comes in different shapes, colours, and sizes, it’s necessary to choose the ideal basin bathroom renovation stores offer according to your requirements.

A sink, on the other hand, can be used for washing your face and/or hands, as well as for cleaning dirty utensils. That’s why you can find both bathroom and kitchen sinks with small pipes and taps that supply hot and cold water.

How to Make the Right Choice

When it comes to both basins and sinks, there’s a variety of options to choose from, so for many, making the right decision can be an overwhelming task. Simplify the process by:

Considering the Types

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Before making a purchase, it’s recommended to look into the most common types of bathroom basins and sinks, plus aspects you need to know about them.


This type of basin is getting more popular lately as it creates a great balance between style and functionality. Half of it sits above the countertop so it’s easy to clean, and is a great choice for frequently used bathrooms, such as those in family homes.

Semi Recessed

This is yet another popular basin bathroom type, designed to use with shelves, ledges or even coordinating furniture as it can look like a seamless part of it. It’s a great solution that frees up floor space and works perfectly in small homes. In addition, it’s a good option for the elderly and kids as it allows them to easily reach the tap.

Wall Hung

This type of basin is bolted directly into the wall and as such is another space-savvy design. If you want to create a clean, sophisticated, minimalist look in your bathroom, make sure the plumbing (waste included) is positioned inside the wall.

Bench Mount

A bench or top mount sink is designed to sit on top of the counter and is suitable for most countertop materials. It works very well in both minimalist and elegant interior décors.


This type of sink, as the name suggests, sits underneath the counter and can easily create a seamless look. It’s easy to care for as water and spills can be wiped from the countertop into the sink, which makes it a great choice for busy bathrooms.


A pedestal sink is a perfect choice if you want to give your bathroom a classic, timeless vibe. The basin is attached to the wall and the pedestal is there to hide the pipework and plumbing. You can choose from a selection of models to find the one that will match the décor.

Considering the Materials

Concrete BASIN

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Moving on to the materials, the following are the most common choices.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel hand basin can give your bathroom a contemporary and unordinary look, which is one of the main reasons why this material is becoming a very popular choice for basins lately. Just keep in mind that the striking finishes of this type require proper care to keep them looking their best for a long time.

Solid Surface

Solid surface basins have clean lines and provide a modern look. They’re easy to clean and are a great choice if you want to follow the latest design trends.


Concrete bathroom basins are the number one choice for homes with modern interior designs. They offer a touch of stylishness and texture, plus give a unique industrial appearance to the décor.


Some of the trendiest choices are ceramic sinks, same as stainless steel counterparts, and as such are available in many different options. They’re low-maintenance and fit almost any home design.

Now that you know the different types of basins and sinks, the idea is to make the bathroom feel sophisticated and comfy, so think about its size and layout, the location of your existing plumbing, as well as that of other fixtures, such as shower and WC suite. So, as a final touch it’s advisable to consider this room as a whole without leaving out any detail!