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Australian Wine vs California Wine

Australia and the US state California are some of the largest wine producing regions in the world. In fact, Australia is the 7th wine producing country in the world, while 90% of the wine produced in the US comes from California. Namely, if California was a separate county, it would have been the 4th largest wine producing country in the world. You may be surprised of these facts that point out how big is the participation of the Australian and California wines on the world’s wine market, but that’s true.


The Australian vineyards produce more than 400,000,000 liters of high-quality wine every year. But only 50% remains in the country, while the rest is exported in over 100 countries in different parts of the world. Today, you can find Australian wines almost everywhere, and this says a lot about the quality and the value of the wines made in Australia.

Regardless of the fact that California produces large amounts of wine, many Americans love the Australian ‘grape juice’. The fact that Australia is the second largest exporter of wine in the US tell us that a large number of Americans love the Australian wines more than the wines which are produced in France and Spain.

The United Kingdom imports more wine from Australia than from California. The fact that Australia is the third largest wine exporter in the UK, shows how popular are the best Australian wine makers there.

The best Australian wine producers have won various awards on many wine competitions around the world. For instance, the Australian label Penfolds Grande has won over 50 gold medals for the last 50 years in many categories. This is a veracious proof that the best Australian wine is highly valued by numerous wine critics and wine enthusiasts from all around the world.

The main factor that contributes for the exceptional taste and quality of the Australian wine is the Australian climate. The climate on the Australian continent is the main reason why the best Australian wine producing vineyards have earned a reputation for producing pure organic and biodynamic wines. One thing is for sure, the future of the Australian wines seems very bright, and the AU wines are on the right track to conquer the whole world.