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Asian Vs. Modern Interior Decorating Style

When it comes to interior décor, what are you – Asian and timeless, or modern and short-lived? If you like Japanese style, then you are into elegant and classy. You love the fact that this style adds history to your home and transforms it into your own harmonious zen space. If you prefer modern decorating style then you love strong lines and do not like accessorizing your home.


Asian interior decorating style is a fusion of several traditions that have existed for centuries. It is a perfect blend of all Eastern cultures, symbols and beliefs which deliver harmony and balance to any living space. Those who appreciate the historic value of the antique pieces, understand the beauty of this decorating style. Moreover, Asian-style pieces can be incorporated into any home décor, regardless whether you prefer traditional, modern, cottage or rustic style.

Modern interior style on the other hand, even though quite trendy in the past few years, changes constantly. This means that almost every year you’ll need to update your furniture, carpets and accent pieces. For example, you can buy a modern-style painting for your living room, but in few years it will not be in fashion. That’s because modern items are constantly replaced by new ones. Unlike Asian antiques which have timeless beauty. You don’t have to change your Japanese vases just because you’ve repainted your walls or bought a new carpet. Simply said they never go out of style.


Versatility is another thing you need to consider when decorating your house. Your options are limited with the modern decorating style. Why? Modern decorative pieces have a limited life span. What’s modern today, tomorrow is a history. Let’s take vases for example. They are perfect accent pieces. but modern-style vases are usually popular 1-2 years max. Remember when colourful vases ruled the interior decor world? Vaguely, right? See my point. Every year there is something new when it comes to modern decorating. This is not the case with Asian style. Japanese vases are simply timeless. And not only because of their rich history, but also because of the fact that Japanese vases can be matched with any interior decor.

Of course, it is totally up to you how you are going to style your home. The bottom line is you have to feel comfortable. However, if you like classic, go with Asian decorating style. No need to go over the top. You can simply accent your home with few carefully selected Japanese-style decorative pieces, even if you live in a modern home.