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Articulated Front End Loaders Vs. Front End Loader Tractor – Part 2


The articulated front end loaders are designed with clutchless transmission system that provides smooth power transfer when the loader is used for digging into soil or other hard materials. With such transmission system, the articulated front end loader is capable to perform and to complete various tasks in no time, and with high efficiency when compared with the tractor loader. The hydraulic transmission in the articulated front end loaders allows the operator to focus only on the loading tasks instead of shifting constantly gears in order to increase the speed of the loader. On the other hand, gearboxes with friction and mechanical clutches are required when tractor loaders are used.

articulated front end loaderOperating Height

Usually the articulated front end loaders are designed with low operating heights. This feature allows the operator to use the loader in tight areas such as buildings and to complete more work. Tractor loaders on the other hand, are designed with big sized rear wheels and are higher. Because of this, the tractors are not suitable for work in confined areas. The relatively low height and the narrow width is what makes the articulated front end loader to be so widely used, and a more popular construction machine. This big advantage of the articulated loaders over the tractor loaders gives them even more accessibility in tight and narrow spaces. Another big advantage of the low operating height is that permissions don’t need to be obtained when the front end loader needs to be transported from one place to another.

Center Of Gravity

The longitudinal center of gravity and the placement of the counterweights in the articulated front end loader are designed in different way from that of the tractor loader. Generally, the articulated front end loaders are designed with very heavy chassis which makes the lifting operations at the front end to be more efficient. When the articulated loader is loaded with materials, the center of gravity is shifted to 2/3 of the total weight of the machine. On the other hand, the tractor loaders are designed completely differently. The total weight of the machine is mounted at the back for increased stability and capacity. The center of gravity at tractor loaders, is usually 50/50 on the rear and front axles.

Viewing Area When Operating

The front end loaders provide higher visibility for the operator when compared with the tractor loaders. Higher visibility is essential for high productivity and safety for the operator and to all other workers that are working near the articulated loader. The design of the tractor loaders reduces greatly the visibility, because the engine of the tractor loader is placed at the front end. As a result of this, the work is completed with less precision. Therefore, the tractor loader is used for completing rough work, while the finishing tasks need to be completed with other machines.

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