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Articulated Front End Loaders Vs. Front End Loader Tractor – Part 1

The loader is one very common machine that can be found at every construction site all over Australia. Usually, it is equipped with metal bucket at the front end. This construction machine is described as extremely versatile and useful and is capable of performing and completing various construction tasks. Today many loader models can be found on the market with different specifications and configurations. The articulated front end loaders and the loaders that are fitted on tractors, are most commonly used by construction companies and individual contractors. The articulated front end loaders are specially designed to lift heavy loads from the ground and to move to other places. The front end loader tractors are also used for completing similar tasks. So what’s the difference between the tractor type front end loader and the articulated front end loader?



One key point that differs the articulated front end loader from the tractor type, is the fact that the articulated front end loader can be used in tight and confined areas where tractor loaders cannot move. Articulated steering is like having two machines that are attached together by a rod. On the other hand, the front end tractor loaders are designed with rigid chassis and are not as maneuverable as the front end loaders. The ability of the front end loader to operate effectively in narrow and confined spaces gives the operator chance to gain access in places which cannot be accessed by the loader tractors. Another benefit provided by the articulated front end loader is the higher utilization rate. With this machine, less work needs to be completed manually. The design of the articulated front end loader also provides greater visibility for the operator.

Steering And Loading

The articulated front end loaders come with hydraulic rams. These rams pivot the front end of the machine and enable the loader to steer towards the desired direction. Powerful steering is required, especially when the loader is under load. When the loader is under a heavy load, the center of gravity is shifted around 2/3 of the entire machine at the front axle of the loader. The tractor loaders on the other hand, are designed to tow. This is the main reason why big wheels are mounted at the back of the tractor, while small wheels, which are used for steering, are mounted on the front of the tractor loader.

Speed Of Loading

A tractor loader consumes large quantities of gas or diesel when it is used for loading and unloading different kinds of materials. Also a lot more space is required for the tractor in order to be in the right position for loading and unloading. Because the tractor loader has limited maneuverability on the ground, it needs to be parked near the materials that need to be transferred to certain location. Thanks to their tight steering angle, the articulated front end loaders can be operated very easily in confined areas. Because of this, the loading process is far more quicker when compared with the tractor loaders. Today, the articulated front end loaders have articulation angle of 47 degrees, and some models even more. The high articulation angle enables the front end loaders to move very easily on the ground and to load materials faster. This advantage of the articulated front loaders saves time and gas when compared with the tractor loaders.


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