Aries vs Leo

Aries and Leo together make an awesome combination with lots of passion, tenderness and energy in everything they do together.

Aries vs Leo

Both Aries and Leo have a strong desire for domination and independence in the relationship and they can not stand failures. Leo is warm-hearted, action-oriented, generous and driven by the desire to be loved and admired. Aries is spontaneous, active, energetic and very courageous. These are just some of the Aries and Leo traits.

In order to maintain a successful relationship, both zodiac signs need to be able to recognize the possible problems that would arise due to such behavior and to learn how to be more tolerant.

Maintaining a good communication in a relationship is essential for all combinations of zodiac signs, while in this particular combination maintaining a good communication can often be of crucial importance for the stability and the fate of the relationship. Both Aries and Leo are fire signs, therefore they are very stubborn, proud and egoistic. They are fiery, passionate and dynamic and they both love challenges and competitiveness. This relationship is full of action, because both signs want to be bosses and leaders. They admire and respect each other, but they must learn to fulfill the wishes of the partner. They need to learn to listen, not just to think they are always right.

This relationships represents a fiery passion and domination. Both signs can be very impatient and proud. Leo likes compliments and likes to be admired. Despite their character differences, they can understand each other very well.
Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Leo by the Sun. Both planets represent male energies, and together they make a really good combination. The Sun is self-centered, and Mars has an aggressive energy, therefore they make a very compatible and powerful team.

When they are in a conflict, they can be very loud, aggressive and they can hurt each other. They are very skilled in presenting arguments that justify their opinion. In this relationship there is always a fierce competition between both signs. They both possess an unlimited amount of energy and their conflicts can last for hours. Although they often disagree in different aspects of life, yet their differences do not last long – Aries is too busy and quickly focuses on the following challenges and does not let the problem ruin his/her mood.

Aries is a cardinal sign, while Leo is a fixed sign. Both of them are very loyal and faithful. When they realize there is no reason for competitiveness, then their relationship can be very exciting.

The best aspect of the relationship between Leo and Aries is their mutual admiration. Their mutual energy and passion makes their relationship very dynamic.