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All Kids Desire Playground Slides

Whenever I mention going to the playground, my kids go nuts of happiness; they start screaming, jumping around and pressuring me to leave ASAP because they have no patience to get there. And when I ask them why can’t they wait for mommy to get ready and prepare their snacks and then go, I often get this answer: “We need to go immediately because other kids are going to take our turn on the slides!” And they genuinely believe they have the exclusive right to play on the slides without other children bothering them. I know – that is not okay, but they are so cute saying this I simply cannot resist them. I thought about installing playground slides in my backyard, and after giving the investment a good thought, I searched online for kids slides for sale and bought a set. Now, I’m happy, my kids are happy and we often have neighbors coming over.


If you are doubting the power of slides as a way of children’s play, go back in time, 1922 to be exact. Slides have been present on the playgrounds for a very long time now. First they were made of wood, and as such were very uncomfortable for children to slide, often ending in mild injuries. Later on, these were replaced with metal ones, but the metal slides posed other dangers. They were often cracked, separated and the metal used to rust quickly, which is a danger by itself. Children would get cut and being cut by a rusted metal is a potential serious infection. So metal slides also went in history. Today, one of the most fun playground toys for children are plastic slides for sure. These slides are made of seamless, rotationally-molded plastic which is the safest material solution for a playground toy so far. Time flies fast, doesn’t it?

Another reason to look for kids slide for sale is the simple fact that you will not have to leave your house so your kids can go to the playground to play. Today’s online and offline offers are full of slides that are so easy to assemble in the backyard, it’s a shame not to get one for your little ones. Maybe for some of you the playground is just around the corner, so going there for an hour or two so your kids could slide, isn’t much of a trouble, but if the playground was on the other end of the city you would need and extra hour just to get ready and get there. What a waste of time, right?

And finally, a slide in the backyard is not just a good way to keep your kids occupied while you finish your tasks around the house or simply have your “me time”; it is beneficial for them as well:

Slides have high scales which act as a motivator for physical activity in kids. They need to climb in order to get down on the slide, and climbing stairs is a good exercise.

Slides promote self-confidence. In order to get on the slide, a kid must climb high first. And if he is afraid, he will not get to slide! Simple as that.

And then there is the waiting line. Your kid can train his negotiating skills when waiting for his turn on the slide; what do you know, maybe he will be so charming and will always get in the front.