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Aftermarket Hilux Exhausts: Comparison of Different Exhaust Upgrades

The majority of vehicles today rely on either diesel or petrol and because of that, they make use of a bunch of components that make up the exhaust system. When a combustion engine works it produced gasses, some engine more than others, which are harmful both for the engine and the environment. An exhaust system is what helps these gasses escape the engine fast without polluting the environment as much. Just like on any vehicle, the exhaust system on your Toyota Hilux is responsible for both its performance and carbon footprint.

For a vehicle as big and as powerful as your Hilux you want to get the best of performance but you don’t want to make your vehicle pollute as much as an ore processing plant. Especially when going off-roading performance is as important as riding comfort and you shouldn’t skimp on both since your Hilux is made to conquer the challenging terrain. This is where you should consider an aftermarket Toyota Hilux exhaust system.

Hilux exhaust

Benefits of an Aftermarket Hilux Exhaust Upgrade


As you already know the exhaust on your Hilux is what brings engine gasses out. This is directly tied to the performance of your 4×4 vehicle as the easier engine gasses exit the less restriction they put on the engine. This is exactly what a quality Hilux exhaust does. It keeps gases constantly moving so they’re not in the way of each other and thus the engine doesn’t get suppressed by them.


With an aftermarket Hilux exhaust upgrade you can also affect the way your Hilux sounds. You can either make it sound sportier by giving it a bit of a growl or tone things down a little bit. As long as you get an exhaust that complies with emissions regulations you can make your vehicle sound like an F1 car if you want.

Fuel Economy

A better performing engine is one that uses the least amount of fuel to get you the needed power and torque to go over a hill. Well, this is what an aftermarket exhaust upgrade offers since it has the option to be tailor-made for your Hilux and its needs too. With less fuel being used you make for a more economical vehicle and a less pollutant one.


With an exhaust system that fits the needs and capabilities of your Toyota Hilux, you won’t have to worry about ever replacing anything in regards to it. As long as the exhaust upgrade you go for is one that makes it easy for gasses to pass through and made from strong materials you’re going to be set for good.

Mandrel Bent

What’s the Best Exhaust System

Crush vs Mandrel Bent

To ensure that you get a Hilux exhaust that fits your vehicle and lasts you a long time you need to first take a look at the way the bends are made. Every exhaust system has bends, some have more than others but that’s beside the point. What you should consider is the type of bends they have.

If it’s crush bends that your new Hilux system has, then stay away from it. Why? Because these have wrinkles that can obstruct airflow and reduce performance. A mandrel-bent system is best since it has smooth bends that let air flow like a breeze in the air, just faster.

Header vs Cat vs Axle-Back

There are three main types of exhaust upgrades you can make on your Hilux. Starting with the least invasive and most affordable upgrade, an axle-back exhaust you get the minimum level of performance improvement. This is because the upgrade itself only replaces parts from the rear axle to the end of the exhaust.

If you want a more effective upgrade, then go for a cat-back exhaust. This type of upgrade replaces everything from the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip. You get far better performance but you also need to spend more time installing it and more money too.

If you don’t mind spending money on a completely new Toyota Hilux exhaust system and want to get every single exhaust component replaced, then you should go for a header-back upgrade. You get the most performance gains you can from an aftermarket upgrade just get ready to leave your Hilux at the mechanic for some time.

Single vs Dual

Single vs Dual

There are two styles you can go with an aftermarket exhaust upgrade, a single or dual exhaust. A single exhaust tip upgrade has one tip at the passenger’s end and gives your Hilux a regular look. A dual exhaust tip upgrade has two tips at both the passenger and driver side. You can also have a dual exhaust with the tips placed at one side but having one on each side will make your Hilux look sportier.

Stainless vs Mild Steel

Now for the construction of your new exhaust, you have two options, stainless and mild steel with the former being stronger than the latter. Stainless steel can also fend off corrosion a lot better than mild steel but you must remember that it’s a heavier and more expensive option too. Mild steel may not sustain heat as well but it won’t affect fuel economy nor your wallet as much as a stainless steel one.