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African Safari vs Typical beach holiday


Why is it that when it comes to planning our summer vacation we subconsciously think of beaches and ocean breeze. Some people, after many summer holidays spent on the ocean begin to think that it might be a good idea to change the scheme and make their holiday a little bit different. In our case, different translates into adventure. An African Safari adventure, to be more precise. We have all watched all those documentaries on African wildlife and culture and thought how great it would be to visit Africa at least once in our life. And it is indeed a lifetime experience. The sites that you will see in Africa will stay with you forever. Here we’ll try to give you several reasons why you should exchange cocktails and beach parties for unusual African Safari holidays.

If you are eager to experience an adventure then African Safari is perfect for you. All the animals you have seen in your local zoo does not compare at all to what you are about to see on African wastelands. Africa is considered to be a birthplace of all animals and it still holds many species that are considered extinct. Aside from the opportunity to see these amazing animals, there are many breathtaking places in Africa that can easily compensate for any beach landscape. The Kalahari desert and Serengeti National park are just few of these stunning places.

African Safari holidays prices can vary depending on which part of the country you are traveling to. Some cost less, but offer poor experience. Botswana is considered to have most expensive offers on African Safari and it is worth the money. It’s Okavango Delta area that is the most popular safari destination somewhere between May and October. It is not only the beautiful sites you will capture, but also this area has locals who have knowledge of the wildlife that even skilled explorers don’t know. Many of these people work as Safari guides, so that tourist might actually learn about their land, rather than just take pictures.

If you cannot imagine your vacation without at least one day at the beach, you shouldn’t be too worried. Africa is a large continent that has beaches spread on all sides. If you plan right, you can combine your African safari with several days on the beach. It won’t cost much more because there are actually agencies that include these kind of offers in their brochures.


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