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Adults’ vs. Teens’ Interest in E Cigarette Liquid Flavours

A recent study, in which 216 non-smokers and 432 adult smokers were included, showed that e cigarette liquid flavours were more appealing to people who have been smoking for years (5-plus). E cigarette liquid flavours may be of great importance for adult and heavy smokers but not for non-smoking teens. Numbers show that it’s much easier for people who have smoked for years to switch to e cigarettes than young kids who never took a puff. The main reason may be the fact that smoking is not as popular these days as it was in the 80s and 90s.

Teens don’t feel the need to smoke in order to look cool. Of course, you can never say with certainty as smoking is a personal thing. What might be appealing to some, doesn’t necessary mean it is going to be appealing to everyone. Tobacco manufacturers created different e cigarette liquid flavours not to attract non-smoking teens, but to satisfy different taste and flavour preferences of tobacco smokers who want to ditch the bad habit. Today you will find all kinds of flavours including tobacco, menthol, strawberry, apple, blackcurrant, blueberry,forest fruits flavours and many others to satisfy various vaping demands.


There is no clear evidence that e cigarette liquid flavours push young kids into smoking. Yes, some might be interested into taking a puff but that will not make them passionate smokers. The survey that was conducted by professor Saul Shiffman, showed that adults reported higher interest in using e cigarettes opposed to teens. Flavours had very little or no importance at all to non-smoking teens. E cigarettes are said to help people stop smoking and not push them into smoking.

It’s hard to tell for sure whether e cigarette liquid flavours attract teens into smoking or not, but according to the last study that was applied on two different age groups, showed that flavour preferences are completely different from one age group to another. Teenagers who have previously tried vaping showed interest in smoking. But this has nothing to do with the flavour of the e cigarette . It is all because of the fact that they have previously tried smoking. It’s not the flavour of the e-liquid that attracted them into smoking, but the pre-existing interest in vaping.

Long story short, different flavours of e-liquids have nothing to do with the interest in vaping. Teenagers are not affected nor interested in vaping because of e cigarette flavours. If that was the case, then bubblegum manufacturers would make far more money than tobacco manufacturers do.