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Visible vs. Invisible Hearing Aids

Being unable to hear completely or even partially is a terrible condition. I don’t know exactly how it feels, but the sole thought of being unable to participate in conversations, listen to music and enjoy the sounds of nature, makes me put the finger on my forehead. Unfortunately, there are so many people who suffer from hearing problems these days, it’s just unbelievable. But luckily, technology hasn’t left them behind; the audiology Australia sphere is so developed that today people with all kinds and levels of severity of hearing problems can find a suitable solution. Introducing: hearing aids.Audiology Australia

Invisible digital hearing aids

Digital hearing aids are the modern type of aids although there are still some people who prefer the older, more simple version. However, since digital ones dominate the market, it’s convenient to be familiarized with the basic types that will most likely be offered to you by most audiology Australia based practices. There’s a difference between visible and invisible hearing aids; the invisible ones are hard to spot and the quality of amplification varies too.

Completely in the canal aid

This one is the smallest and as such, least visible hearing aid that exists. It can pick wind noises and offers high amplification. It uses small batteries, doesn’t have extra features to make it complex to use, which is great for older people. As such, it’s perfect for improving mild to moderate hearing loss.

In-the-canal aid

As a custom molded hearing aid, this one fits in the ear canal partly. It’s of a small size and may be difficult to adjust. It’s susceptible to earwax, so you won’t experience clogging of the speaker.

In-the-ear aid

comes in two styles: one is for the bowl-shaped area of the outer ear and the other is for filling the lower part or the half shelf. This one has extra features such as volume control, but is definitely easier to handle. It has a larger battery and therefore, it is more durable. Although small, it may still be visible.

Visible hearing aids

As their name suggests, these are visible. Although, not as you’re probably imagining right now.

Behind the ears

a behind-the-ear hearing aid hooks on the ear and stays behind it. It connects with the ear through a small tube and a custom earpiece that’s designed to fit the ear canal. Although traditionally this one is the largest and most visible hearing aid, the newer models are more appealing and definitely smaller. Also, these aids tend to amplify sounds a lot more than other aids.

Open-fit hearing aid

it’s kind of a variation between the behind-the-ear aid and a thin tube. The ear canal is kept very open and low-frequency sounds are able to enter naturally, while high-frequency sounds are properly amplified. Mostly suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, these are less visible and make your own voice sound clearer to you.


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