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Super Powerful Torch Wars: High vs Medium priced – The Force Is Strong, But With Which One?

A long time ago, in a light store not so far away…


There is a turmoil in the galaxy of light. The question is “Which torchlight to buy?” Should a true jedi go with the high-end, most expensive super powerful torch or stick with the medium priced one? Consider this article a small particle that can restore the peace in the galaxy once more…

Led Lenser X21R.2 3200 lumen rechargeable focusable LED torch

The Led Lenser is a force to be reckoned with. This super powerful torch delivers ultra white light that can be used in any given situation! The X21R.2 comes with a five years warranty by the manufacturer, ensuring you that any type of malfunction of your super powerful torch will be replaced. It weights around 1300 grams with an overall length of 407 mm. Made with an Aircraft grade aluminium, it offers you great durability and longevity! The jaw dropping 3200 lumens are the true definition of power! Yet, there is more! The X21R.2 has a range of 700 meters distance and battery life up to 40 hours! The ultra-powerful focus systems can be directed into far-reaching spots or amount to a good close up light. There are seven LED lights that feature efficiently heat sink systems that even put car LED lights to shame. The X21R.2 is usually used for rescue and search ops as well as a camping tool! This light offers wide range of features such as: automated emergency light, 360 degrees ten stage dual power indicator, safety Ytrion battery with a great rechargeable power which is integrated with the effortless magnetic floating charge system that will recharge the batteries fast as possible. The X21R.2 has three power modes:

Low mode with power of 200 lumens that can run for 40 hours and beam range of 150m;

Power mode that features 2500 lumens that can run 4 hours and 600m beam range;

Boost power that comes with the amazing enhancement of 3200 lumens that can run for 4 hours and 700m beam range.

The Led Lenser X21R.2 3200 comes at a high price, no less, no more – $698, however, it is a well-justified investment in the form of super powerful torch and the aforementioned specifications prove that point.

Klarus RS80 rechargeable 3450 lumen portable spotlight

What sets Klarus RS80 apart from other torchlights is its great functionality and medium price – $379. This heavy-duty, yet sleek light offers you 3450 Lumens that can stretch up to 800 meters! It is easy to carry around, because it is built from aluminium casing rated according to the IPX-8 standard. The innovate design offers limited thermal stress on the internal electronics, allowing prolonged periods of use and waterproof ability up to 2 meters. A lot of military personnel and hunters buy this torchlight and use it as part of their equipment. It is easy to use, with nine modes of memory and functionality that allows prolonged time of usage. The battery is easy to replace and rechargeable which makes it ideal for search and rescue operations.

Led Lenser X21R.2 VS Klarus RS80

Even though they both offer great functionality and durability, there are a couple of things you should consider. If you want to invest in a strong and multi-functional super torch light then the Led Lenser X21R.2 is the perfect choice for you. If you are a hunter, policeman or adventurer this light is the perfect tool for you. However, the Klarus is also a good choice, yet it lacks a couple of features such as interchangeable light range modes, Ytron battery, simpler design and much more. By comparison, the Klarus RS80 has more light range distance than the Led Lenser X214.2, but with the Led Lenser X21R.2 you’ll be good to go durability wise for quite shorter period of time.


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