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Teeth Whitening Strips Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

A good smile is all that is needed for making a good first impression. A bright and shining smile leaves an impression of happiness, warmth, and youth. But that is not a case with some people, because large number of people regardless of their age have yellow teeth. The teeth start to lose their natural white color for a number of reasons, such as drinking too much coffee, heavy smoking, unhealthy diet etc. Fortunately, today there are many ways to bring back the bright smile on your face. Teeth whitening is the most economical way to make your smile better, but also one of the easiest ways. There are many different ways to bring back the white color on your teeth, and the most commonly used methods are the professional teeth whitening and the teeth whitening strips. While the teeth whitening strips are available nearly in every drugstore, they are not as effective as the professional teeth whitening. Let’s examine both options so that you can find out whether teeth whitening strips or professional teeth whitening is suitable for you.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Strips

While most people prefer a professional teeth whitening, many people use a variety of teeth whitening methods at their homes. However, the at-home methods for getting a brighter smile require more time and effort when comparing to the immediate results you can get from the professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening at home will save you some money and time, but also it will give you a brighter and warmer smile in a simple and easy way. Many people use teeth whitening strips, because the results are surprising. The teeth whitening strips need to be applied and to remain on the teeth from five minutes to one hour. These strips vary in effectiveness, costs and whitening results, but anyone who wants to avoid costly professional teeth whitening can use the teeth whitening strips as a cost-efficient alternative.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are various professional teeth whitening methods available today. Dental teeth whitening is one of the most preferred professional whitening methods, as it takes place in a dental offices where high quality and professional equipment is being used. This method provides faster results than any other whitening procedure, and it is certainly one of the safest methods.

While all professional teeth whitening methods are effective, they are not a permanent solution as many believe. After some period, a home whitening will be required for optimal results, because teeth start to accumulate stains again. A professional teeth whitening can last for several years depending on few factors and how well you maintain your teeth. So basically, you will bring your shining smile back on your face in less than an hour, but how much it will last depends on you. To ensure best results, look for a dentist with a years of experience.