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Skid Steer Loader Attachments – Bale Spear vs. Bale Handler

A skid steer loader is a versatile and flexible machine that is used for various tasks in many industry sectors like construction, mining, landscaping etc. There are many skid steer loaders on the market, and each loader comes with specific capabilities and functions. However, the manufacturers today design and produce not only skids steer loaders, but also a wide range of loader attachments. In fact, the loader attachments are making the skid steer loaders to be so versatile. With so many attachments available on the market today, the operators can use a single loader for completing different tasks at the same time.


If you are a farmer and you need to harvest, store and transport crops, wheat, hay or straw, there are specifically designed loader attachments for performing various farming tasks. Bales of grass, wheat, straw, hay and other crops must be stored, stacked, moved or served to the livestock as food. The best way to deal with bales in your farm is to equip your skid steer loader with a proper attachment for handling bales. The two most commonly used attachments for handling such materials are the bale spear and the bale handler. Both tools have specific configuration and are used for specific tasks. So which attachment is the right for you? Let’s find out:

Bale Spear – Simple and easy to use, the bale spear is one of the most efficient skid steer loader attachments. It uses a simple pair of sharp fork tines to poke a bale, lift and carry the bale to the desired location on the farm or into the back of your truck. The bale spear is capable to stack bales of any size and weight into a truck or barn. Also, the bale spear is capable to handle more than one crop (depending on the length of bale spear) and to transport them to any location. But, since it has a sharp and pointy end, the bale spear needs to be operated with care and attention.

Bale Handler – Another very useful farming tool is the bale handler. Composed of a big hydraulic claw that pinches bales of any size and shape, the bale handler is one of the simplest skid steer loader attachments. With a bale handler, you can lift, move, stack and transport rectangular bales from one location to another. Most bale handlers are made with smooth surface that allows you to handle bales without the risk of damaging the load, which is a very interesting fact. This attachment will help you keep your farm well-organized with little effort.

So, which one is better for you? Your choice will depend on your job and type of bales you need to handle. If you need to handle different types of bales, the bale handler is your best choice, as it is capable to work efficiently with all bales types. But if you work with round bales only, the bale spear makes more sense, because it is a tool especially designed to handle round bales.


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