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Petrol vs Liquefied propane gas (LPG)


The need to lower living expenses is getting bigger every day. This does not come as a surprise when comparing today’s prices with the ones ten years ago. One of these everyday cost is gas. Gas prices have gone so high that people are starting to look for other solutions such as Liquefied propane gas or shortly LPG. LPG conversion is seen more often in auto shops as it was rated safe to implement by the government. To clear things up, petrol is a petroleum-derived liquid and the most popular fuel that cars use today. On the other hand, LPG or known as “auto gas” is a flammable mix of hydrocarbon gases used as alternative fuel. So which one is better: traditional petrol or LPG conversion?

From financial point of view, turning to LPG can save you a lot of money. Even though LPG prices have also doubled over the years, the difference in price between these two fuels is still quite sufficient, of course in favor of LPG or auto gas. When it comes to environmental conscience, LPG conversion will make your car less harmful to the environment. This means that petrol is more damaging to the environment than auto gas, any way you look at it.

Don’t you just hate it when you forget to fill up the tank and your car stops on the highway. Cars that use auto gas avoid this problem because they rely on two fuel systems. If you run out of auto gas you can easily switch to petrol and continue your trip. If you choose to do a LPG conversion on your car’s engine, the only thing that will make you consider it twice, is the price of conversion process itself. For example the average price for LPG conversion in Melbourne auto shops is from 3000-6000 $.

But consider this – compared to auto gas, petrol can cause more damage to your car engine. The oil filter can last longer when the engine uses auto gas, because it releases less deposits in the combustion process providing smaller chances of oil contamination. Therefore it is easy to say that LPG conversion is a better option for car owners regardless of the initial high price; in a long-run it is very cost-effective investment considering all the benefits we mentioned.