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New VS. Used Truck – Which Is More Cost – Effective

If you are one of the many involved in the trucking sector, you surely know how important is to have a powerful, fuel-efficient, and durable truck. The process of buying trucks raises many questions, but probably the most common question that need to be wisely answered is: Should I buy new or used truck? The answer to this simple question requires careful attention and consideration of the benefits that are provided by both options. In order to help you to make a better decision when on the market to buy trucks, we have listed the advantages of buying new and used trucks.

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Advantages Of Buying New Trucks

It Hasn’t Been Used. Most people who look to buy trucks are determined to choose new truck models for a number of reasons. A new truck hasn’t been involved in any accident previously, the interior of the truck doesn’t smell bad, it has no visible wear or tear, and it is offered with a clean driving history. These factors play crucial role for many people when on the market to buy trucks.

Warranty. Another great advantage of buying new truck is the fact that the warranty of the new truck is untouched, and starts from the day when the vehicle is purchased. Although you can buy warranties for used trucks, the best warranty you can get is surely the one that is gong to be provided by the truck manufacturer or dealer.

Latest Gadgets. The newer the truck, the more advanced the gadgets that will be included inside. The multimedia and navigation interface are constantly evolving, and the older truck models don’t come with new technology inside. Buying this new technology additionally can be a little bit costly. So, if you want to have the latest tech in your truck, the best option for you would be to buy new truck models.

Safety On The Road. As the truck safety laws become more strict, the truck manufacturers are changing the way how trucks are being made. This also means changing or upgrading the safety systems which are included. Some new safety features that are still not mandatory, like blind spot monitoring system, brake assist, and cruise control will become a standard equipment in the new truck models.

Advantages Of Buying Used Trucks

Price. This is probably the best advantage you can get if you decide to buy trucks that have been used before. The used trucks normally come with significantly lower price than the new trucks. Since the market for used trucks is quite big, the chances to find used truck in good condition and with friendly price are big.

Lower Depreciation. The trucks lose value with each passed kilometer, but the biggest value decline happens once the truck is purchased. Some new models can lose up to 50% or more from their value in the first year. The used trucks doesn’t lose too much from their value. This is another good reason why you should consider to buy trucks that have been used before.

Insurance. Just like the financing rates, the insurance rates are affected by the age and condition of the truck you are planning to buy. Therefore, the insurance rates for the used trucks tend to be less expensive.

Wide Selection. As mentioned above, the market for used vehicles is very big. With a little research and with basic truck knowledge, you can find and purchase a specific truck model which maybe is no longer made.


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