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Mountain Bikes Vs. BMX Bikes

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie who wants to try every extreme sport there is while you’re still young and have the will for it, then you’ve probably considered mountain biking at some point. Mountain biking can be exciting, challenging and very dangerous. With that being said, you can’t take your everyday commute bike to the hills and expect to reach the top without the bike being completely trashed, and without you being alive and well.

Normal bikes simply are not suitable when it comes to rough riding conditions. The two types of bikes that are suitable for rough riding conditions are mountain bikes and BMX bikes. And here lies the eternal debate between mountain bikers – which one is better? While both types offer unique advantages and disadvantages, it’s hard to qualify one as significantly better than the other, so you’ll probably need to decide on your own based on your personal preferences. Now let’s discuss their distinct features and advantages.

BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are unarguably the most robust bikes, and many owners find them indestructible. Their compact build makes them ideal for kids, but taller adults can ride them as well (as long as they don’t mind standing up to reach higher speeds). There are countless brands that manufacture quality BMX bikes, such as WeThePeople, Academy, Colony, SE, Radio BMX and many more. Although they’re not the cheapest bikes, they aren’t that expensive either, especially when you consider the fact that they’re built really well. They’re usually made from durable but lightweight materials, such as aluminium, chromoly or carbon fiber.

However, they don’t have any gears, which some people might find off-putting. Additionally, you can use most BMX bikes to perform tricks and maneuvers in skate parks, but they aren’t all that great for long commutes. When buying a BMX bike, you need to consider your size, as they come in different sizes. Some brands even manufacture bikes for a specific group of people, like Radio BMX – which are meant for young adults.
Radio Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are unarguably the most versatile type of bikes, as they can feature as many as 24 gears (some models have even more) and this alone makes them suitable for all types of terrain. They come in different wheel sizes, and that makes them suitable for riders of all heights. Their gears make them easy to ride in different gradients, which just adds to their versatility. They have good handling properties, and quality models also have suspension which ensures comfortable riding.

However, they can be very expensive and might not be considered as cool as BMX bikes among young adults. Additionally, they are usually heavier due to their larger construction and can be difficult to transfer without removing their wheels. The fact that they have gears also means you’ll probably need to spend some time maintaining their parts every once in a while.