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Manual vs Automatic Transmission


The ongoing debate among car owners is what’s better: manual or automatic transmission. The answer is not that simple as there are many points concerning this issue. Moreover, the general need for a car and skills to drive it can be vital in choosing a type of transmission. Over the years auto manufacturers report that the number of manual transmission cars that they produce is getting lower. Cars are being viewed as a necessity for transportation rather than luxury. Therefore, automatic transmission is becoming more popular because of the convenience it offers in driving. Here, we’ll provide an insight on how to choose the type of transmission depending on some criteria such as: transmission service costs, general maintenance, and ease of driving.

No doubt, automatic transmission is easier to operate. But, if we are to talk about costs, manual transmission is cheaper. Automatic gear will use more gas than manual transmission will for the same trip. This is because, with a manual transmission you can regulate the horse power that engine uses at certain points (more horse power means higher gas consumption).

When it comes to transmission service, experience has shown that most mechanics find automatic transmission to be more complex in structure in order to maintain it. And as the case is for any service, the more complex it is, the higher the cost. Not only the cost of repair, but also the cost of transmission oil that is used to lubricate parts in order to avoid fractures has a higher price. Therefore, you should ask around in order to find low prices on transmission auto repairs Melbourne car owners for instance have created an online forum where different thoughts and advices can be found about local mechanics. On the other hand, some people don’t mind the higher price for car maintenance and still prefer easier transmission operation than lower transmission service costs.

Most of US citizens will tell you that automatic gear is more comfortable for driving. But if you talk to a European taxi driver, you might be surprised by the information you get. Most Europeans find manual transmission better as they feel that they have bigger control over the vehicle. Also for car enthusiasts, manual transmission is the core of great driving experience on open roads.

Basically, it comes down to different taste and needs of drivers. If you like to go on long road trips and test the limits of the engine, manual transmission is the right choice. But if you only bought the car to get to work on time, you should include automatic transmission besides its high transmission costs.